B&G Fonset Lacour Bordeaux 2013

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Tasting Notes:

  • Appearance: Brilliant Purple Red 
  • Smell: Peppery aroma with fruitiness 
  • Taste: First sensation is very dry, opening up into a fruity cabernet taste

B&G Fonset Lacour Bordeaux 2013

Fonset-Lacour is a brand name for B & G’s low-end Bordeaux. In fact, because the wine is a blend of several sources and appellation re­quirements, it carries the simple “Bordeaux” appellation. (not even Bordeaux Superior”) But wait till you taste it!

Claret is a term mostly used in England. (It has a nice ring to it!) Basically it identifies a wine to be a red wine from Bordeaux. All red wines from Bordeaux are clarets… and thus, it really implies a type of wine… a specific taste of wine… and by the same reason could im­ply that any wines made from the Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec family of grapes are clarets!

If there was such a thing as a claret standard… it would be one that describes the wine as a dry, light, flavorful red wine, with the typical cabernet character showing. A wine that has ageing and com­plexing capabilities.

The wine is a brilliant purplish red. It has a peppery aroma, with fruitiness following; then, a bell pepper aroma emerges, and closes somewhat smoky. The taste is a classic light claret. The first sensa­tion is very dry, opening up into a fruity cabernet taste, then mingling with a late emerging tannin. It has a medium body, and is well bal­anced.

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