BLACKADDER Raw Cask Caol Ila 2012 8 Years

70cl, 62.3%

RM 669

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As Blackadder RAW CASK is a high-strength cask whisky, we recommend “cutting” your spirit with water according to taste. The addition of water to a natural unfiltered whisky helps to unlock and release the esters, or flavours, from the fats. This is especially so with a cask-strength whisky and will enable you to enjoy the fullest possible range of complex flavours in your glass of Blackadder RAW CASK.

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BLACKADDER Raw Cask Caol Ila 2012 8 Years

BLACKADDER Raw Cask Caol Ila 2012 8 Years. Blackadder RAW CASK is whisky as it always was. Whisky as it used to be. Every drop is WHISKY FROM THE OLD SCHOOL. Blackadder does not believe in chill-filtering or in colouring whisky. Quite simple, Blackadder RAW CASK is every bit a Blackadder whisky but even more so.

Each and every bottle of Blackadder RAW CASK contain its own share of the CASK SEDIMENT, as well as NATURAL OILS AND FATS that might otherwise be left behind when filling a cask-strength whisky straight from cask.

We use a UNIQUE PROCESS when bottling to ensure the MAXIMUM POSSIBLE FLAVOUR. Blackadder RAW CASK is therefore single malt or grain whisky as it always used to be when it was often sold direct from barrels kept behind the bar.

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