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White Wine
  • 5.3%
  • 75cl
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    White Wine
  • 75cl
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    Pale medium lemon Pronounced, creamy mousse Primary aromas of tropical fruits, mango, lychee, grapes Sweet, m acidity, low alcohol, m body, m+ intensity The length is short with sweet fruity finish

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    The BROWN BROTHERS Moscato, one of Australia’s favourite Moscatos, is beautifully clean, with a light straw colour and some youthful green tinges. It is a wonderful memory of the warmer months, with musk and freshly crushed grapes aromas. 

    This aromatic sweet white wine is spritzy on the palate, with rich sherbet flavours and crunchy tropical fruits. This drink’s alcohol content is 5.3% ABV and remains vibrant and fresh on the palate! 

    How is BROWN BROTHERS Moscato produced?

    When one says Muscat of Alexandria, it refers to two things. First, the Muscat Family. Secondly, it refers to the grapes used to produce BROWN BROTHER Moscato. 

    The Romans are believed to have named the grape Moscato, which means “musk-smelling.” Viticultural experts have discovered at least 200 members of the Muscat grapes.

    Several of these distinct clones have been grown in Australia for as long as grapes have been cultivated. This grape variety is a favourite among Australian winemakers. It produces excellent, plump, juicy grapes and results in a range of wine styles depending on which species is cultivated, when it is harvested, and how it is handled. 

    According to Caroline Brown, Public Relations and Content Manager at Brown Brothers, the secret to making this great Moscato is its flavourful fruit. 

    It all starts with exceptionally delicious fruit from the vineyards. Their responsibility as winemakers is to ensure that every step to creating the best wine is to preserve all grape aromas and flavours. 

    Making a low-alcohol wine can be challenging, therefore paying close attention as they ferment is essential. Brown Brothers Moscato has a delightful mild amount of spritz that is retained from the ferment. Thus keeping the wine in cool tanks helps them preserve this.

    Australia’s beloved white wine – BROWN BROTHERS Moscato

    Moscato has captivated Australian wine drinkers in various forms, including sparkling, still, and fortified.

    The Brown Brothers Moscato white wine is extremely popular, being the country’s best-selling label.

    Millennials love this sweet white wine with half of Moscato drinkers being under 45 years old. Its popularity has been linked to the fruity grape serving as an entry point into wine for first-time drinkers.

    Brown Brothers Moscato aims to establish its brand for future generations by constantly innovating and producing quality wine. 

    As one of Australia’s most successful family wineries, Brown Brothers is the proud producer of Moscato white wine. Named one of the most popular brands in the country at the Australian Drink Awards, continuous collaborations with the CSIRO have been made to update themselves on grape varieties and winemaking methods. 

    Brown Brothers is a 5 Star Winery rated by the James Halliday Wine Companion, based in Victoria’s award-winning King Valley region.

    As a winery, BROWN BROTHERS Moscato has also won numerous awards for their wine, such as:

    • 2015 International Wine Challenge – Bronze
    • 2008 International Wine Challenge – Commended
    • 2008 Decanter World Wine Awards – Bronze
    • 2008 International Wine & Spirit Competition – Bronze
    • 2007 Decanter World Wine Awards – Bronze

    How to drink BROWN BROTHERS Moscato?

    BROWN BROTHERS Moscato is ideal for a sunny afternoon, best enjoyed chilled and with good company.

    This best white wine has aromas of musk, citrus and freshly crushed grapes. Take a sip and your mouth will be filled with a vibrant sherbet flavour that is sure to tingle your taste buds.

    This delicious wine is also best enjoyed as a cocktail. You can try turning it into the classic cocktail – Moscato Mai Tai.  Here’s how to make this tropical spin with Moscato wine and pineapple. 

    First, shake the Brown Brothers Moscato and pineapple juice in a cocktail shaker to blend.

    Then, half-fill a margarita glass with crushed ice and pour over the contents of the shaker.

    Finally, add a dash of grenadine so that it settles in the bottom of the glass and garnish with a fresh slice of white peach.

    Food pairings with BROWN BROTHERS Moscato

    BROWN BROTHERS Moscato goes well with:

    • Creamy or fruit-based desserts.
    • Fresh slices of Granny Smith apple and soft cheese
    • Thai dishes or desserts
    • Vietnamese rice paper rolls
    • Spicy stir-frys or bowls of fruit.
    • Chilis and Hot Spicy Foods

    This versatile wine complements any occasion served with or without food as an aperitif or table wine.

    Buy BROWN BROTHERS Moscato on Whisky.my and have it delivered right to your doorstep now!

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