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As a founding member of Australia’s First Families of Wine (AFFW), the Brown family thinks of Brown Brothers as “a wine company with tradition, but not a traditional wine company”. Now entering its fourth generation, Brown Brothers is known for handcrafting exceptional wines that showcase the best of the Australian wine industry.

Who are the Brown Brothers?

In 1885, John Francis Brown planted 10 acres of grapevines that will later become their very first vintage of wine. Today, Brown Brothers boasts 130 years of experience in Australian winemaking and a Kindergarten micro-winery that devotes itself to innovation and discovery of new wines, such as the 2022 Brown Brothers Moscato and Pinot Grigio.

What makes Brown Brothers wine special?

While Brown Brothers is known for its time-tested classics, they have also established a reputation as varietal wine specialists. With over 32 different grape varieties growing on their vineyards, and their Kindergarten winery that actively aims to “fail an experiment at least once every year”, Brown Brothers is constantly coming up with new exciting blends.

What types of wine do the Brown Brothers produce?

With the mind-boggling diversity of grape varieties that Brown Brothers grows, it’s no surprise that they produce a wide range of both vintage favourites and innovative new wines. Here are just some of the products on the Brown Brothers wine list:

Red Wine

Named after the Brown family’s beloved matriarch, the Brown Brothers Patricia Shiraz has notes of dark blackberry, cedar and white pepper. On the other hand, the Brown Brothers Estate Merlot breaks tradition by using plant-based fining agents, creating a vegan-friendly balance between the wine’s tannins and fruity flavours.

White Wine

With vibrant green hues and a melon aroma, the Brown Brothers 1889 Sauvignon Blanc is best consumed when young and fresh. The Brown Brothers Moscato & Chardonnay is also a good choice for those with sweeter wine preferences.

Sparkling Wine

Brown Brothers are not just known for the wines they produced, but also the wines they introduced to Australia such as Prosecco and Moscato. Their own version of the popular sparkling wine, Brown Brothers Prosecco NV, has crisp notes of citrus that makes it a perfect pairing with seafood.

Sweet Wine

Muscato wines are known for their sweet, fruity flavours, and the grape variety they’re named after, which some may argue is the oldest wine grape in the world. Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora is the Brown family’s unique spin on the popular sweet wine, with aromas of orange blossom and honey notes that develop as the wine ages.

Brown Brothers Wine Awards

The wines by Brown Brothers have won many accolades over the years, including but not limited to:

  • Fan Favourite of the Year (Sparkling), 2022 Australian Drinks Awards
  • Sweet Wine of the Year, 2023 Halliday Wine Companion Awards
  • Gold Medal, 2022 Perth Royal Wine Awards

Where can I buy Brown Brothers wine? offers a huge selection of Brown Brothers wines, including Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa Wine and Brown Brothers Cienna.

Brown Brothers Wines are a unique blend of tradition and innovation

Steeped in a rich 130-year legacy, Brown Brothers Wines offers an exquisite range of wines that showcase the best of Australia’s diverse terroir. Whether you’re a fan of bold reds, refreshing whites, or bubbly sparklings, every bottle of Brown Brothers wine is sure to elevate your wine experience and indulge in the flavours of Australia. Grab yourself a bottle now!

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