CLARENDELLE St Emilion 2014

75cl, 13%

RM 170


  • Color: Quite deep color
  • Aroma: redolent of black fruit (Burlat cherry, plum)  and beautiful floral aromas
  • Palate: fruity flavours carry over to the palate, features peppery and spicy notes, eleegant,fine-grained tannic structure, aftertaste is fresh, long , and fruity. The wine is altogether well-balanced and elegant
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CLARENDELLE St Emilion 2014

CLARENDELLE St Emilion 2014. It is inspired by owner Clarence Dillon’s name, is to pursue the heritage of perfection left by this great man and it is a tribute to the first member to settle in Bordeaux. With this outstanding terroir, passionate and qualified men and women, and expertise handed down over centuries, all the neccessary ingredients were there for the creation of a top-end Bordeaux brand.

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