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COPENHAGEN Sparkling Tea Lyserod Non Alcohol

COPENHAGEN Sparkling Tea Lyserod Non Alcohol

Sparkling Wine
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    LYSEROD is the perfect alcohol-free alternative to a rosé. It is the driest version of Sparkling Tea, yet still smooth and round in taste. You will experience intense aromas of red berries and red apples. A complex and comfortably dry taste follows, thanks to the Oolong tea, combined with hints of blackberries and hibiscus. It’s all balanced by the smooth Silver Needle white tea and finished with light bitter fruity notes. The color is a light pink rosé.

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    Crafted with meticulous care and dedication to excellence, Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Lyserod is a sparkling tea that embodies the perfect balance of tradition and contemporary flair. With its delicate effervescence, every sip of this exquisite handpicked tea blend offers a refreshing and invigorating experience.

    Sparkling Tea Lyserod is ideal for those seeking a vibrant and sophisticated beverage. Indulge in the harmonious fusion of flavours and elevate your drinking experience.

    What is Copenhagen Sparkling Tea?

    Copenhagen sparkling tea is a hand-brewed non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic (< 5% alcohol) sparkling drink made with a combination of Nordic innovation and Asian tea traditions. Copenhagen’s sparkling teas use a unique blend of organic white, green, oolong, and black teas, including two highly exclusive tea varieties called Darjeeling First Flush and Silver Needle. They’re also hand-brewed by an expert sommelier, who adds grape must and other natural aromas, such as lemon juice, to create a sparkling tea with the perfect taste and feel.

    Is Copenhagen Lyserod a rosé?

    Although Sparkling Tea Lyserod is the Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company’s alcohol-free alternative to rosé, it should not be confused with rosé wines, which involve different ingredients and don’t always contain effervescence.

    Does Copenhagen Sparkling Tea have caffeine?

    Yes, all sparkling teas contain some caffeine, though the exact amount varies depending on the tea varieties used. Sparkling Tea Lyserod’s distinctive tea blend includes Oolong teas and the Silver Needle white tea variety, which contains 22 mg of caffeine per 5 oz serving.

    Is sparkling tea halal?

    That depends on the individual tea. Some sparkling teas mix in a dash of wine, such as Copenhagen’s Rod Sparkling Tea, but Sparkling Tea Lyserod is completely alcohol-free, making it the perfect non-alcoholic beverage for Muslim-friendly events.

    What does Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Lyserod taste like?

    Lyserod contains intense red berries and red apple aromas, with hints of blackberries and hibiscus. The smooth Silver Needle white tea balances the complex yet comfortably dry taste with a fruity finish.

    How do you drink Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Lyserod?

    Ideally, sparkling teas should be chilled to around five to seven degrees Celsius before serving, as the low temperature will prevent the cork from popping out too forcefully. After the bottle’s opened, you can serve Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Lyserod as an aperitif in a champagne glass or in a white wine glass if you’re pairing it with other food.

    Food pairing

    A Copenhagen Sparkling Tea review of Lyserod describes it as a beverage that “pairs beautifully with light dishes within the salty kitchen”. Therefore, Lyserod would go well with seafood like oysters and salmon and other savoury dishes like chicken or pork.

    Sparkling tea cocktail

    Here is a simple and refreshing cocktail recipe for Sparkling Tea, called Tea Spritzer. It is a low-alcohol cocktail with less than 0.5% alcohol content. Its ingredients include:

    • 70 ml of Lyserod
    • 20 ml of Lyres Italian Orange Bitter
    • 10 ml of hibiscus syrup

    Start by pouring the Lyres Italian Orange Bitter and hibiscus syrup into a champagne glass, before adding the Lyserod. Optionally, top the cocktail with a thin slice of grapefruit.

    Sparkling Tea Lyserod: Sparkling rosé without the percentages

    Delight in the enchanting blush hue and effervescent bubbles of Sparkling Tea Lyserod as they dance upon your palate, delivering a symphony of flavours. This non-alcoholic rosé alternative offers an elegant and guilt-free indulgence, making it the best sparkling tea for those special moments when you want to embrace the sophistication of a sparkling rosé without getting tipsy. Buy a bottle now!

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