What Is Timah Whiskey

If you’ve been hearing about Timah Whiskey and wondered what is about regarding its name, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we give the entire low-down on the locally grown Malaysian whisky that launched Timah Whiskey – Malaysia’s First Multiple Award-Winning Whiskey with international Accolades into the limelight. Who is Captain Speedy?  Tristram Charles […]

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The 7 Best Speyside Whisky Brands You Have to Try

Whiskies that hail from Speyside are one of the most popular, universally known and enjoyable whiskies among all the variances of Scotch whiskies available today. Speyside is located in Northeastern Scotland in the Strathspey area. The same area has one of the highest number of distilleries in Scotland. Hence, Speyside whisky is sometimes known generally […]

The 13 Best Whisky In The World!

Over the past years, whisky drinkers have been spoilt for choice with all the selections readily available. As the industry continues to grow, distilleries have been experimenting with different recipes or have been making subtle differences just to switch things up and make slight changes. With the influx of unique flavour profiles and unusual distilling […]

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15 Best Blended Whisky You Have To Try!

Some people prefer a single malt whisky, some prefer a blended one. It all depends on personal preferences. With so many choices of whisky, how do you choose the best blended whisky? It can be so hard!Yes, we hear you. The smooth, flavourful, consistent, smoky, fruity and rich drink is a favourite among many and […]

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