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Lagavulin 16 Year Old

Lagavulin 16 Year Old

Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • 43%
  • 70cl
  • Product details
    Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • 366 Sold
  • 366 Sold

    RM 425

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    Tasting Notes:

    • Colour: Golden amber.
    • Aroma: Sweet spices, pipe tobacco, peat, seaweed, mature sherry and creamy vanilla.
    • Palate: Charcoal, creosote, fruity, peat dry woodiness and oak.
    • Finish: Long, smoky, dry, spicy and vanilla.
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    Lagavulin 16 year old is one of the most intense, smoky and rich whisky in the world of whisky. The dark and pungent drink – Lagavulin 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky has spent sixteen unhurried years maturing in oak casks. The long fermentation, long distillation and long maturation ensure that the Lagavulin 16 Year old develops all of its long, rich, peaty characteristics to fullness.

    Originating in the Scottish Islands, you can send the most mature Single Malt, the Lagavulin 16-Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky to friends and family as a gift. Be it as a Father’s Day gift idea or as a Christmas gift or just as a celebration gift for housewarmings, bachelor parties, retirement parties or successful business deals, the Lagavulin 16 is one of the best ways to say Congratulations on your success.

    The Lagavulin distillery is a malt whisky distillery in the village of Lagavin located on the south of island of Islay, Scotland. It distills spirits that are destined to become Islay single malt Scotch whisky including the Lagavulin 8, Lagavulin 12 and all other years.

    Lagavulin is publicly owned by Diageo PLC, the company formed by the merger of United Distillers & Vintners and Guinness. The exact ownership structure is kept private. It was previously marketed under the Classic Maltsrange of single malts, which is now defunct.

    The standard bottling is a 16-year-old which is bottled at 43% ABV. They also bottle a Distiller’s edition, finished in Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks and Lagavulin 8 limited edition. Alongside these, they regularly release a 12-year-old cask strength version and various older and rarer expressions.You may also want to try the Lagavulin 2002 Pedro Ximenez Cask Finish – Distillers Edition (2018 Release) as a treat to your taste buds.

    The name Lagavulin is an anglicisation of Lag a’ Mhuilinn, the Scottish Gaelic for hollow of the mill.

    The Lagavulin 16 year old is a much sought after single malt that is a delicious combination of smoke, peat and sherry notes that is typical of southern Islay, where it originated. However, it also offers a richness and dryness at the same time which makes it interesting on the palette.

    Food pairing that goes deliciously with the Lagavulin 16 year old are salty blue cheeses. A platter of these complements the intense, peat rich, sweet and salty character of this best whiskey wonderfully.

    Praised for its thick, rich, powerful peat and oak flavours, this unique liquor is an acquired taste and even those who are not very keen on smoky flavours will be pleasantly surprised.

    If you don’t believe us, try it and taste for yourself. In terms of costs, the Lagavulin 16 price is of average price at RM350 – RM500 for 70cl. However, you get your value for money in this lagavulin whiskey as it has received wonderful reviews from all around the world.

    Frequently asked questions:

    1. How to drink Lagavulin 16?

    First of all, you will need a tulip-shaped glass with a stem you can hold. This is so that your palms do not warm the scotch. Pour 1 or 2 ounces of Lagavulin 16 into the glass. 

    Swirl the Lagavulin scotch gently at an angle. Hold the glass straight. You will then see the scotch run down the inside of the glass. 

    Breathe in the aroma of the Lagavulin 16. Do it a few times and see which different aromas you can detect. 

    Then, take a small sip. Allow the Lagavulin scotch 16 to rest on your tongue. Savouring the taste, try to isolate all the flavours. 

    If you want to, you can add Scottish spring water but it should not be more than 20% of the scotch. The water can bring out all the hidden aromas and flavours of the Lagavulin 16 while making it easier to drink as it is more mellow. 

    It is not recommended to add ice to the Lagavulin 16 as it is a single malt and the ice can dull the flavour of the scotch. It is also not recommended to use a single malt in mixed drinks. Blended scotch is better for cocktails.

    Adding ice to single malt whisky is not recommended as it can dull the flavor and aroma. Likewise, using single malt whisky for mixed drinks is considered a waste of quality liquor. Blended scotch is recommended for mixes.

    1. Is Lagavulin 16 a good whiskey?

    The Lagavulin 16 is so good, it has kept the lights on at Lagavulin for years. As Lagavulin’s flagship expression, it also offers an annual Distiller’s Edition release, and other year’s expressions such as the Lagavulin 12 and Lagavulin 8 in honor of anniversaries and special occasions. 

    1. Is Lagavulin good for beginners?

    Not really as this scotch is not subtle. If you are a beginner at whisky drinking, it is best to try other brands like the Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 year old.

    1. Is Lagavulin 16 worth it?

    Definitely. The Lagavulin 16 is one of the best-selling scotch bottles at Lagavulin for a reason. You get your money’s worth in terms of aroma, flavour and satisfaction.

    If you’re scouting for more options of single malt scotch whisky, the Macallan 12 Double Cask is also an excellent choice.

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