DATE SEVEN Episode VII Junmai Daiginjo

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DATE, which must cause a sensation every year, comes to the final chapter this year. The purple bottle is a symbol of magnificence and nobility, which is quite eye-catching! Combining the technology and passion of seven Miyagi prefecture breweries, the whole process is low-temperature hand-made. In addition to its noble and gorgeous exterior design, it has its unique fruity fragrance and refreshing taste. The wine is slender in quality, elegant in aroma, rich in fruity aromas, and balanced in sweetness. It is a must-drink Japanese sake! Definitely one of your must-buy sakes in 2021!

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DATE SEVEN Episode VII Junmai Daiginjo

DATE SEVEN Episode VII Junmai Daiginjo. 2021 DATE 7 is led by Katsuyama Distillery; Shinzawa Brewery is responsible for polishing rice; Sammei Brewery is responsible for raw material processing and steaming; Ogino Brewery is responsible for the production of koji; Chuanjing Brewery is responsible for brewing mash; Mo Naijiang Brewing is responsible for producing mash; finally, Shanhe Brewery is responsible for the production groove. Wine rice used: Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo Prefecture.

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