DOM PERIGNON Brut Vintage Luminous

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Tasting Notes:
  • Aroma: The nose is floral with a wide range of fragrances from pepper spices (white and grey) to a touch of toasted brioche.
  • Palate: Beautiful freshness and a lot of finesse, but also very complex with a light spicy finish. A lot of smoothness surrounded by a salted note.
  • Finish: Smooth and refreshing.

DOM PERIGNON Brut Vintage Luminous

DOM PERIGNON Brut Vintage Luminous. Building on the experience the Maison gained during the challenging 2003 vintage, the newer vintages perfectly showcase how obstacles are overcome, and ambitions fulfilled.

Distinguished by its depth of flavor and aromatic persistence, these vintages captures the unique qualities of the year in which it was born while staying true to Dom Pérignon’s signature characteristics. Founded in 1668, Dom Pérignon is vintage only, created from the fine grapes of one single year. Only ever a vintage, Dom Pérignon is an act of creation, constantly renewed after each harvest; is majestic, ripe, fleshy and profound.

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