GIKYO Haruka Junmai

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GIKYO Haruka Junmai

Yamada-Nishiki rice from the Special A-rated old Tojo area of Hyogo Prefecture.

  • Rice-polishing ratio 60%
  • Yeast Variety Kyokai 9
  • Alcohol Content 14 – 15%

GIKYO Haruka Junmai

GIKYO Haruka Junmai, Yamada-Nishiki rice from the Special A-rated old Tojo area of Hyogo Prefecture, Rice-polishing ratio 60%, Yeast Variety Kyokai 9, Alcohol Content 14 – 15%


Sake is an alcoholic drink made from fermented rice. Often referred to as nihonshu (日本酒) in Japanese (to differentiate it from “sake” which in Japanese can also refer to alcohol in general), the drink enjoys widespread popularity and is served at all types of restaurants and drinking establishments. And as interest in Japanese cuisine has grown internationally, sake has started to become a trendy and recognizable drink around the world.

The foundations of good sake are quality rice, clean water, koji mold and yeast. They are combined and fermented in precise processes that have been refined over the centuries. Typically filtered (although unfiltered products are also available), the resulting clear to slightly yellowish rice wines have an alcohol content of around 15 percent and relatively mild flavor profiles, ranging from light and crisp to richer, more substantial, fruity notes. Sake pairs well with almost any kind of food but compliments the delicate flavors of traditional Japanese meals particularly well.

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