HIGHLAND PARK Orcadian 1964

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Significantly darker in color than the 1968 vintage. Darker (and more serious) in personality, too. Red berries (strawberry, raspberry), rhubarb, plum, oak sap, vanilla bean, smoldering peat, coffee grounds, toasted almond, and dusty malt. The finish is long and contemplative, with notes of polished leather, juicy oak, and telicherry peppercorns.

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HIGHLAND PARK Orcadian 1964

HIGHLAND PARK Orcadian 1964.

In 1964, two refill hogshead casks (numbers 8737 and 8738) began their long and even-paced maturation in Orkney, sheltered from extremes of hot and cold by the unusually temperate island climate. Hand selected for their exceptional character by Highland Park’s longest standing Whisky Maker, Max McFarlane, these two casks were tipped and bottled in 2009, yielding just 290 bottles of a mature Highland Park, aged for 45 years and brimming with sweet spiciness and complex layers of flavour.

The oldest and rarest expression in the Orcadian Vintage Series, 1964 began its leisurely maturation in the same year that Japan’s ‘bullet train’ made its first high speed run between Tokyo and Osaka, just in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

Each expression in the Orcadian Vintage Series is presented in an exquisite wooden box which features marquetry inspired by the intricate wood carvings at the Urnes Stave Church in Norway and the Highland Park amulet, hand-crafted in silver.

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