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KAHLUA Coffee Liqueur

KAHLUA Coffee Liqueur

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    • Aroma: Scents of bittersweet coffee bean and roasted chestnut
    • Palate: Multi-layered flavors of black coffee and sweet butter.
    • Finish: candied coffee and peppery spice
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    KAHLUA Coffee Liqueur, which originated in Mexico, has now become the world’s best-selling coffee liqueur. Since 1936, Kahlua has stood for a rich legacy full of diversity and colour – something truly unique. Kahlua Original Coffee Liqueur is the star component in many cocktails and drinks, including White Russian, Espresso Martini, and Mind Eraser.

    It will transform an ordinary evening into a pleasant and distinctive social highlight. Its deep dark brown colour is appealing and profound. Kahlua Original Coffee Liqueur has alluring scents of bittersweet coffee beans, roasted chestnut, and rich flavours of black coffee and sweet butter.

    Kahlua – A lesson in language 

    Two popular origin stories for the name Kahlua pertain to the brand’s ties to Mexican culture and coffee beans. First, the initial translation is considered to derive from a Veracruz language that existed in the 7th century. According to this Náhuatl translation, Kahlua means “House of the Acolhua People,” a reference to the indigenous Aztec populations that were early inhabitants of eastern Mexico.

    The second translation, which has roots in ancient Arabic languages, is said to be coffee slang. Whatever its exact roots, the term Kahlua stuck, and today, the word is best known as this exquisite beverage.

    What does Kahlua taste like? 

    Hints of freshly brewed coffee waft across the room when a bottle of Kahlua is opened. Similarly, sweet vanilla incorporated with the fragrance combines well with a bit of rum flavour, balancing the blend harmoniously. 

    The Kahlua coffee liqueur behaves remarkably alive on the palate. The exquisite taste also rediscovers sensational taste. The iconic Kahlua coffee liqueur has an irresistible flavour that is intense and exotic while remaining harmonic and relaxing. Like many other coffee liqueurs, the Kahlua coffee liqueur is very popular with women and hence makes an excellent gift.

    Origins of Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

    The origins of Kahlua coffee liqueur can be traced back 50 years to Veracruz, Mexico. The popular product is the brainchild of the Alvarez brothers, Montalvo Lara and Senior Blanco. Since then, the recipe and conventional production process have been kept highly confidential, and sales have continually proven that customers enjoy the crafted Kahlua coffee liqueur as a beverage. Within four years of its initial production, the beverage had gained popularity in the USA.

    Arabica coffee beans grown in Mexico’s highlands are used to make the Kahlua coffee liqueur. In addition, sugar cane distillates, rum, and vanilla are used. The production of Kahlua coffee liqueur can take up to 7 years since superior coffee beans are grown in the shade, which takes longer than in the sunlight. The berries are then dried and rested for six months before the distillation begins. Distillation takes another four weeks and only then is the magical, rich dark brown liquid ready to be bottled.

    The famous Kahlua coffee liqueur, with its 20% ABV alcohol content, is a light liqueur that is especially popular with women at their adored coffee parties. Those who prefer to try the liqueur straight should do so with ice cubes. The Kahlua coffee liqueur is also excellent in cocktails, particularly the White Russian, B-52, Mudslide, and Spanish Coffee, as well as in an ice cream dish and delectable chocolate balls. If that is too cold, try mixing the liqueur with hot coffee, a fantastic match.

    Kahlua coffee liqueur has won several awards from International Spirit Rating Organizations, such as:

    • 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Silver Medal
    • 2006 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Silver Medal
    • 2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Silver Medal
    • 2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Bronze Medal
    • 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Gold Medal
    • 2007 Beverage Testing Institute – 85 points

    Fun fact, Kahlua has its very own holiday. It is called National Kahlua Day in the United States. On February 27, the Kahlua brand and its fans will celebrate with cocktail-making live streams, giveaways, and other activities on social media under the hashtag #NationalKahluaDay.

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