KAMOTSURU Daiginjo Kishio

72cl, 16%

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Sake that is made by putting moromi in a liquor bag and dripping from the liquor drop by natural force without applying pressure is called Shizukushu.
The sake collected by this traditional method of squeezing has a fine aroma and a smooth and elegant taste.

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KAMOTSURU Daiginjo Kishio

KAMOTSURU Daiginjo Kishio. It is a Daiginjo brewed using “Yamada Nishiki” produced in Hiroshima prefecture. The production area, Takayacho Zoka, Higashihiroshima City, is located in the plateau basin, about 10km north of Saijo, where the sake brewery is located, and about 350m above sea level. Blessed with natural conditions such as water, sunshine, day and night, and temperature differences in summer and winter, it has been a region where rice cultivation has been flourishing since ancient times. In 1989, under the call to “prepare sake with local rice and local water,” local rice farmers and sake breweries cooperated to form the Higashi-Hiroshima Sake Rice Cultivation Promotion Council, and the cultivation of sake rice began. I did. The Higashi-Hiroshima Sake Rice Cultivation Promotion Council started cultivating only a single variety of “Yamada Nishiki” in order to differentiate it from other production areas in the prefecture, and while performing genetic seed selection and unification of cultivation methods by engineers, We are trying to improve the quality.

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