KI NO BI “SEI” Kyoto Dry Gin Without Box

54.5% | 70cl

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  • High proof allows the distinct taste of KI NO BI’s flavour profile to prevail.
  • It’s punchy at first on palate, still has the cleanness and harmony that KI NO BI originally has. All essences of flavours are enhanced in good balance.
  • A perfect gin for cocktails.

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KI NO BI “SEI” Kyoto Dry Gin Without Box

KI NO BI “SEI” Kyoto Dry Gin Without Box is made with the same intricate production method as the original KI NO BI; using 11 botanicals distilled in six distinct flavour categories. The final blend has been recalibrated by our distilling team to bring out the best of each botanical at the higher proof. Although often confused with 100 Proof or 57.1% ABV, this bottling is at the traditional British Navy Strength of 54.5% ABV.

In contrast to the original KI NO BI which has delicate and gentle profile, KI NO BI SEI has a thicker mouthfeel and full-bodied flavour, which pairs well in cocktails.

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