Ledaig 2004 Aged 17 Years SMOS

56.8%, 70cl

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Tasting Notes:

  • Nose: Smoky, maritime and full of minerality. Similar to sticking your head in an unlit – but well used – peat kiln at a distillery. Seaweed, on rocks, drying in the sun, along with lemon peel and dulse.
  • Palate: Lemon juice and salt, sprinkled on freshly caught oysters. Ashy lemon marshmallows, charred on sticks at a beach bonfire.
  • Finish: Sweet and smoky, with a note of baked lemon on the finish.

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Ledaig 2004 Aged 17 Years SMOS

Ledaig 2004 Aged 17 Years SMOS (Single Malts Of Scotland), This single malt was distilled at Ledaig distillery in 2004 and aged for more than 17 years in a single hogshead, yielding a total of 286 bottles. Bursting with citrus and ashy tones, with a coastal minerality contributing a pleasant savory touch. A single cask from Tobermory’s peated line Ledaig, bottled by Single Malts Of Scotland. This was distilled 5 February 2004 and bottled 8 February 2021 as a 17-year-old. Hogshead #32 yielded 286 bottles at 56.8%.

Ledaig is renowned for its dirty, industrial peat reminiscent of coal fires but with an underlying sweetness. Ledaig is the peated line of the Tobermory distillery, located on the Isle Of Mull. The distillery has traditionally distilled peated and unpeated whiskies in a 50/50 split. The heavily peated spirit was released under Ledaig, a former name of the distillery. Cask strength Ledaigs are known for being unpredictable beasts. At their best, they’re magnificently lemony, smoky, and briney with notes of earth and tarred rope. Nothing fancy in this bottling, just a simple hogshead that guarantees a boisterous and provocative whisky at a significant natural strength. Cask #32 yielded 286 bottles. 56.8% Alc./Vol. Non-chill-filtered.

The Single Malts Of Scotland range is brought to us by London-based Elixir Distillers. They specialize in independently bottling Japanese and Scottish whisky but also bottle American and Irish whisky from time to time. The company’s three core whisky brands are Elements of Islay, Port Askaig, and The Single Malts of Scotland, while it also bottles navy rum under the Black Tot brand. The Single Malts of Scotland range provides independent bottlings of vintage single malt Scotch from many distilleries and at a variety of ages.

This single cask single malt whisky was distilled at the Ledaig distillery before being placed in a single ex-Bourbon Hogshead and left to mature for 17 years. In February 2021 it was bottled at 56.8% abv by Elixir Distillers. Only 286 bottles were produced for worldwide distribution.

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