Old Perth Cask Strength

58.6% | 70cl

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Tasting Notes:

  • Colour: Natural colour, amber to medium gold. Oily and coats the glass, with multiple legs.
  • Nose:Red fruits, russet apples, and soft berries. Asohpisticatedsherry note, cherry jam, dried fruit and vanilla.
  • Palate:Full oily viscous mouthfeel, with a velvet nature that coats the mouth. Delivers a robust and earthy palate with powerful ginger and cinnammonspice.  Long warm finish.
  • Finish: Long warm finish, with raisins and burnt sugar

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Old Perth Cask Strength

Old Perth Cask Strength. The Old Perth range expanded in late 2015 to include a pair of tasty expressions – this is the Old Perth Peaty blended malt Scotch whisky. As you would expect, this has a rich, smoky notes of peated malt at its core, perfect for enjoying on a chilly evening.

Perth, Scotland used to be gateway to the Highlands. In fact, it used to be the capital of Scotland at one point in history. It was a wee rebellion that made the then King change the capital. Regardless the history, Perth was home to some of the biggest names in Scotch whisky, including Matthew Gloag, Arthur Bell, John Dewar and Peter Thomson.

This malt takes its name from a blend that was originally produced by Perth-based blender Peter Thomson. Old Perth has since been revitalised under the current stewardship of independent blender and bottler Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers. Today’s Old Perth brings together the finest of sherry matured malt whisky from a selection of distilleries in the Glenlivet Region of Speyside, and then blended in Perth, Scotland. All Old Perths are 100% sherried malt whisky, with no added colour and no chill filtration.

Old Perth was historically a blend of Speyside, Highland and Islay malts along with North British grain, aged up to 12 years. The blender Peter Thomson had a strong relationship with Macallan distillery, so the Speyside’s malt was included as well. In latter years the proportions and ages of each constituent were decided by David Thomson, Peter’s son, and then blended at the company’s premises in Perth. All the company directors approved the blend before release, its core market mainly hotels and bars in Scotland.

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