OLD PERTH Sherry Cask

70cl, 43%

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  • Aroma:very dusty nose, with herbal notes, something of sour grains and hints of Ovaltine
  • Palate: Buttery. Brown sugar and chewy raisin, chocolate notes grow enjoyably bitter.
  • Finish: on the short side, with ginger, oak, herbs and a little cocoaw

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OLD PERTH Sherry Cask

OLD PERTH Sherry Cask. Morrison & MacKay, a family-owned Perthshire company, have sought to address this issue by celebrating the city’s legacy through the resurrection of an historic brand.

Old Perth blended scotch was the brainchild of local grocer Peter Thomson, who plied his trade in the early 1900s.

Thomson created a unique product for his loyal customers, blending malts from distilleries in Speyside, Islay and the Highlands with spirit from the North British grain distillery.

Over the years, his blend grew into a successful brand and his grocer became the Peter Thomson company.

By the 1960’s ‘Old Perth’ was a blend known for quality and famed for its high malt content. By 1973 however, the company was achieving far greater success with its Beneagles brand and took the decision to shelve Old Perth indefinitely.

Later, when Whyte & MacKay acquired Invergordon distillery in 1993, they simultaneously gained the Old Perth brand but alas, the famous Glasgow blender harboured no desire to revive it and so the next two decades saw the name all but forgotten, condemned, like the rest of Perth’s whisky story, to the history books.

Then came a rebirth in 2013, when independent bottler and blender Morrison & MacKay purchased the rights and relaunched Old Perth as a blended malt.

Today, there are three core expressions – ‘Original’, ‘Peaty’ and ‘Sherry Cask’, each bottled at 43% and all on the market in the UK for a very reasonable price.

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