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REMY MARTIN Louis XIII Cognac 1.5L With 1 Glass

REMY MARTIN Louis XIII Cognac 1.5L With 1 Glass

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    Tasting Notes:

    • Aroma: Very floral, with honeysuckle, and sweet, with delicately perfumed fruit – melon and peaches. There is also a hint of flowery honey and a marzipan nuttiness.
    • Palate:Cinnamon, almonds, peach, orange and orange blossom, and woody spice.
    • Finish:Delicate grape, sweet oak spice, melon and lingering floral notes.
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    Step into the realm of REMY MARTIN Louis XIII Cognac, a luxurious eaux-de-vie blend that captures the essence of over a century of skilled craftsmanship. This exquisite Cognac offering fresh fruit and floral notes is presented in a handcrafted crystal decanter along with one complimentary glass. It is a testament to the mastery of time, heritage, and terroir of Grand Champagne, Cognac.

    What is REMY MARTIN Louis XIII Cognac?

    This Cognac is a world-renowned blend of up to 1,200 precious eaux-de-vie sourced exclusively from the premium Grande Champagne vineyards, where the grapes are carefully grown, distilled and matured.

    Aged from 40 to 100 years in traditional old French oak casks and crafted via techniques passed down through generations of Cellar Masters, the key to this legendary Cognac is provenance and time. This wondrous symphony of flavours and aromas is bottled at 40% ABV and comes encapsulated in a stunning decanter.

    Why is Louis the 13th cognac so expensive?

    The price of Louis XIII reflects its expert workmanship and the rarity of its finest eaux-de-vie blend that cannot be mass-produced. The distinctive Baccarat decanter, handcrafted by European crystal artisans and individually numbered, comes with an 18-carat gold neck and 10 signature dentelle spikes reflecting the design of a 16th-century flask found on the French Jarnac Battlefield, adding to its exclusivity.

    The iconic decanter design of LOUIS XIII Cognac was inspired by a vintage flask once owned by Paul-Émile Rémy Martin, the founder of Rémy Martin cognac.

    This set comes with one free glass and is encased in a handsome red display case to complete the collectable spirit.

    Every aspect, from the terroir, abundant in limestone, making it ideal for producing cognac grapes, to the meticulous blending process- contributes to the elixir’s luxury status-making it a valuable investment to any connoisseur’s collection.

    Tasting notes

    What does Louis XIII Cognac taste like?

    Louis 13 cognac offers a grand palate of flavours. Aromas of golden honeysuckle, sweet melon, delicate peaches, and nutty marzipan greet the nose, complemented by hints of spice, stewed apricot and summer gingerbread.

    One can detect notes of cinnamon, crunchy almonds, perfumed fruit, orange blossom, buttery toffee and mixed spice on the palate.

    The finish is light, accompanied by hints of lovely grape, sweet oak spice, and fragrant floral undertones.

    Serving tips

    How do you drink Louis 13?

    This cognac should be savoured at room temperature. It is recommended to use the LOUIS XIII Spear (pipette) to draw out the drink drop by drop. Allow it to rest in the accompanying glass shaped to highlight the complexity of the elixir. Slowly inhale its elegant aromas before patiently taking one sip at a time.

    What foods pair well with Louis XIII Cognac?

    It pairs exquisitely with caviar, especially Beluga Caviar. The creamy texture of the caviar complements the bursting floral and subtle fruity flavours of the Cognac, enhancing the overall tasting experience.

    Louis XIII Cognac- Not just a drink but a piece of history!

    This Cognac is more than just a beverage; it captures the essence of a centuries-old artisanal tradition in every sip. The acclaimed reviews promise an experience like no other.

    Invest in the rare bottle of the legendary Louis XIII cognac at the best price and indulge in a taste of timeless opulence.

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