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Best Remy Martin Price in Malaysia

REMY MARTIN is a Cognac brand established in 1724 and has produced a wide variety of Cognacs. All are prepared entirely from a blend of unaged Eaux de Vie from the Cognac region’s Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne districts, known as “crus.” 

At least 50% of its production originates from Grande Champagne, where grapes grown in chalky soils provide extraordinarily fragrant Eaux de vie capable of extended cask maturation.

This well-known cognac house is best renowned for its fine Brandy. However, there is also three centuries of history, with five generations succeeding. Remy Martin established his own trading company in 1724. In the early nineteenth century, the cognac Grande Champagne Rémy Martin and the first Cognac Fine Champagne Rémy Martin were made.

Around this period, the house's emblem was transformed to the Chiron centaur. It signifies the union of heaven and earth, man and nature, and is a symbol of Remy Martin's expertise and excellence.

Remy Martin only utilises grapes from the most prestigious vineyards, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, whose terroir provides optimal conditions to ripen to perfection. The sediments of the wine products are retained during conventional distillation on the lees in copper stills. The cognacs are aged in limousine-style oak barrels. 

The Eaux-de-Vie, once distilled, has a rich and harmonious aroma pallet. It is particularly suited to ageing, more so than any other and is at the heart of the Rémy Martin cognac collection, perfected over three centuries.

The most renowned Cognac of this family, Louis XIII, was also born in the nineteenth century. It is made from grapes from the finest Grande Champagne plots, Cognac's most famous production area. 

The Louis XIII blend of roughly 1200 brandies matured in oak barrels known as "tierçons." These drums enable the most efficient exchange between air, Brandy, and oak. The "Louis XIII" bottle is based on a metal flask used by soldiers at the Battle of Jarnac in the sixteenth century.

Grab the REMY MARTIN Louis XIII Cognac 1.5L, aged between 40 and 100 years and packaged in a gorgeous Baccarat decanter at a discounted price now!

Remy Martin is Vegan Friendly. No animal products are utilised in the filtering process, and no animal ingredients are included in the product itself.

The premium price of Rémy Martin results from its meticulous production process, which combines excellent craftsmanship with the best French grapes and outstanding purity. Because of its specific growth area and attention to detail, this Cognac is also often a more expensive spirit.

Remy Martin can be drunk straight or on the rocks. Rémy Martin is often taken neat or straight as an aperitif. However, you may also sip it on the rocks or with a drop of water. It can freshen your drink while displaying a combination of spicy scents, flowery and fruity flavour.

While this Cognac can be served in various glassware, a snifter is a perfect shape for swirling the liquid around and releasing the rich aromas. The design also allows the Cognac to warm somewhat in your fingers, adding to its complex flavour.

Try these 5 best Mix with Remy Martin Cognac :

  • Ginger ale is one of the best things to mix with Remy Martin cognac. This is because ginger ale's sharp taste complements this exquisite spirit beautifully. 
  • Tonic water and Remy Martin are commonly mixed. Tonic water's refreshing flavour and carbonation complement the distinct notes of Cognac. 
  • Triple sec makes an excellent mixer for Remy. The triple sec offers the Cognac a nice, light, almost tropical flavour by adding citrus notes. 
  • A popular mix includes Remy Martin and lemon juice and finally, 
  • Orange juice pairs well with Remy Martin cognac. 
Remy Martin is also wonderful when served with ice or blended into a long drink. When it comes to cocktails, it pairs nicely with citrus flavours like SideCar, Brandy Fix, and Rémy Ginger, which enhance the sweetness of the alcohol or also can be paired with a simple non-alcoholic mixer for a long drink that lets the spirit shine through. This Cognac goes well with food such as cheese, dessert or your entree. Remy Martin has five main products:  Within Rémy Martin's house portfolio you'll discover that the most popular products are the V.S.O.P. (Very Special Old Pale), the best-selling VSOP in the world, and an X.O. (Extra Old). You can buy Remy Martin Cognac brandy on Whisky.my as it is available at a 15% to 17% discount depending on the type of product. Buy now!