Remy Martin VSOP VAP (300th Anniversary)

70cl, 40%

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Color: A warm and mysterious ochre in the bottle, a vibrant gold in the glass.

Aroma: An aromatic harmony of powerful elegance with notes of vanilla, dried apricot and candied pear.

Palate: A balance of aromatic dried fruits and delicate liquorice give a complex flavour experience.

Finish: Structured and layered. A rounded harmony of dried fruits, a satisfying mouthfeel and silky texture.

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Remy Martin VSOP VAP (300th Anniversary)

To celebrate the holidays, the darkness of VSOP’s frosted bottle is amplified with an anniversary neck collar and gold and chalk white gift box embossed with the javelin motif. As the first VSOP Cognac ever created, this is an elegant expression of the Maison’s savoir-faire.

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