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Experience the elegance of So Jennie Blanc Dry — distinct from de-alcoholized wines. This premium non-alcoholic sparkling drink is crafted from high-quality grape musts, offering a delicate color and fine bubbles accompanied by subtle aromas. It is light and fragrant, characterized by a dry, clean, and fruity taste.

  • Non-fermented, 0% alcohol – Sparkling
  • No added sugar, only the natural fructose already present in the grapes
  • No sulfites, No allergens,
  • Low in calories: about 30 calories
  • Glueten-free, Halal.
  • Best served between 2°C – 4°C
  • IFS V06 certified
  • Filtered, carbonated, and pasteurized product

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Experience a new height in non-alcoholic beverages with So Jennie Blanc Dry, where sophistication meets unmatched quality. This Parisian masterpiece is crafted for those who savor dry and bitter notes, bringing forth a world-class beverage that aligns pleasure with wellness.


Dive into its unique attributes, such as:

  • Unfermented Excellence: Breaking free from the traditional fermentation process seen in standard dealcoholized wines, So Jennie Blanc Dry artfully curates a sparkling masterpiece using carefully selected premium-quality concentrated grape musts, promising a rich and delightful experience in every sip.
  • Intricate Flavors: Crafted from the finest grape musts, it dances with delicate hues and nuanced aromas that engage your palate in a ballet of exquisite effervescence.


Embrace the visual and tactile elegance with the French-made La Cuvée des Sacres bottle, showcasing:

  • Luxury in Detail: Adorned with 21-carat gold butterflies created through precise screen-printing techniques, it stands as a beacon of luxury and class.
  • Iconic Emblem: The golden butterfly symbol encapsulates feelings of liberation and weightlessness, resonating perfectly with the spirit of the wine.


Indulge without compromise as So Jennie Blanc Dry ensures:

  • Wellness in Every Sip: Crafted without alcohol and added sugars, it maintains a minimal calorie footprint, allowing you to celebrate health and pleasure harmoniously.
  • Award-winning Excellence: Donning the double gold medal and recognized as a best-of-show product, it invites you to celebrate the pinnacle of taste and originality.


Feel the worldwide embrace of a beverage graced with:

  • Prestigious Accolades: A revered presence across Michelin-starred restaurants and a staple selection of Qatar Airways.


Elevate your special moments with a beverage that is not just a drink but an experience. Choose So Jennie Blanc Dry today.



Filtered, carbonated and pasteurized product.



Preparation based on water and concentrated white grape musts (98.7%), citric acid,ascorbic acid, malic acid, acacia gum,natural plant extracts, natural flavours, CO2.



Best consumed before : see bottle


Halal Certified 

So Jennie is Halal-certified in its country of origin, ensuring unparalleled quality through responsible sourcing in every sip.

So Jennie Halal Certified

So Jennie Halal Certified

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