SO JENNIE Rosé Baby Jen’s 375ML

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Discover the refined taste of So Jennie Rosé Baby Jen’s 375ml, a superior alternative to de-alcoholized wines. This exquisite non-alcoholic sparkling drink is crafted from high-quality grape must, presenting a delicate pink color and enchanting subtle aromas. Enjoy the light, fragrant nature of this drink, offering a dry, clean, and fruity taste with fine, persistent bubbles.

  • Non-Fermented, 0% Alcohol: Experience the joy of sparkling beverages without alcohol.
  • Natural Sweetness: With no added sugars, this drink retains only the natural fructose found in grapes.
  • Health-Conscious Choice: Free from sulfites and allergens, it’s a low-calorie option with about 30 calories, gluten-free, and Halal-compliant.
  • Quality Assurance: IFS V06 certified, ensuring top-notch quality in every sip.
  • Ideal Serving: Best enjoyed when served chilled between 2°C – 4°C.
  • Craftsmanship: Carefully filtered, carbonated, and pasteurized to perfection.

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SO JENNIE Rosé Baby Jen’s 375ML

Embark on a journey of exquisite taste with So Jennie Rosé Baby Jen’s 375ml, a non-alcoholic beverage masterpiece crafted by Jennie Kergoat-Ruelland. This premium drink embodies the pinnacle of French craftsmanship, blending sophistication with unmatched quality, offering a world-class experience that marries pleasure with wellness.


Unique Attributes:

  • Unfermented Excellence: Distinguished from standard dealcoholized wines, So Jennie Rosé shuns the conventional fermentation process. Its sparkling character comes from carefully chosen, premium-quality concentrated grape musts, presenting a rich, delightful experience. Each sip reveals a delicate pink hue and subtle aromas, enhanced by fine, persistent bubbles.
  • Intricate Flavors: Formulated from the highest-quality grape musts, it captivates your senses with a dance of exquisite effervescence, guiding you through delicate hues and nuanced aromas.


Elegant Packaging:

  • La Cuvée des Sacres Bottle: This French-made bottle, adorned with 21-carat gold butterflies through meticulous screen-printing techniques, radiates luxury and class.
  • Iconic Symbolism: The golden butterfly emblem symbolizes liberation and weightlessness, echoing the essence of this fine beverage.


Health and Pleasure Combined:

  • Wellness in Every Sip: Alcohol-free and without added sugars, So Jennie Rosé is conscious of your health, maintaining a minimal calorie footprint.
  • Award-Winning Recognition: Graced with a double gold medal and acclaimed as a top product, this beverage has been celebrated for its outstanding taste and originality.


Global Recognition:

  • Prestigious Accolades: Esteemed in Michelin-starred restaurants and selected by Qatar Airways, it enjoys a revered global presence.


Elevate your special moments with So Jennie Rosé Baby Jen’s 375ml, not just a beverage but an encapsulation of Parisian elegance. Choose this epitome of luxury today and indulge in a drink that transcends the ordinary.



Filtered, carbonated and pasteurized product.



Preparation based on water and concentrated white and red grape musts (99.3%), citric acid, ascorbic acid, elderberry juice from concentrate, malic acid, acacia gum and calcium chloride, flavors, CO2.



Best consumed before : see bottle


Halal Certified 

So Jennie is Halal-certified in its country of origin, ensuring unparalleled quality through responsible sourcing in every sip.

So Jennie Halal Certified

So Jennie Halal Certified

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