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This bottle has been hand-signed by the brand ambassador for Progressive Hebridean Distillers: Chloe Wood

Tasting Notes:

  • Nose – The bouquet is brilliant. Opening with barley sugar and a hint of mint before leading into the most wonderful notes of freshly cut wild flowers; buttercup, daisy, meadowsweet, myrtle, primrose and cherry blossom.
  • Palate – The palate entry is so refined and refreshing, the sweet oak and the barley arriving together sending the taste buds into raptures.
  • Finish – Unforgettable! Its best enjoyed in good company, you just don’t want the evening to end. It brings warmth to the heart and soul. The clock slows down and the cares of tomorrow disappear into the dawn.

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THE CLASSIC LADDIE (Hand Signed), Head Distiller Adam Hannett has individually selected casks to showcase the classic, floral and elegant Bruichladdich house style. Made from 100% Scottish barley, trickle distilled, then matured for its entire life by the shores of Loch Indaal in premium American oak, it is a testament to the quality of our ingredients.

The cleanliness of the spirit is remarkable. As the seconds tick by, more aromas rise from the glass, little zephyrs of spindrift and sea pinks reminding you that this spirit is matured exclusively by the sea. After some four or five minutes and with the addition of a little water, caramelised fruits drift onto the scene; lemon drops and honey, tangerine and tablet.

The fruits from distillation drift in on an atlantic breeze and pop on the tongue like champagne bubbles. A combination of ripe green fruit, brown sugar and sweet malt bring closure. A taste back in time, a realisation that not all single malts are equal and to achieve the absolute optimum, you must use barley that is made in Scotland. Make this one the benchmark for all  others you meet on your journey through the stills of Scotland.

Conviviality! Relaxed, enjoying the spirit in the glass and the laughter from tales often told but never tired of hearing. Smooth as pebbles in a pool. It’s clean, fresh and lively with both the oak and the grain in perfect harmony. Sunlight on fields of early summer barley.

We never chill-filter our whiskies because this industrial process strips out the natural oils and esters that give Bruichladdich a wonderful rich, oily mouthfeel. A characteristic ‘band of gold’ is created when water, which is denser than our whisky is carefully added to the glass.

The Classic Laddie Scottish Barley showcases the classic Laddie style, elegant and floral with a signature salt-citrus tang. However, a complex cask management system and our refusal to add artificial colour or chill-filter our whiskies means that each vatting is subtly different. The casks used in the creation of this multi-vintage cuvee can be found by typing the five digit batch number printed on the bottle into the field provided at the top of this page.

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