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Single Malt Whisky
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  • 70cl
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    Single Malt Whisky
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    • Color: Bright, vibrant gold.
    • Aroma: Fruity and summery
    • Palate: Well-balanced and fruity, with strong pineapple notes
    • Finish: Long, creamy, smooth
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    The Glenlivet 12 Year Old is Glenlivet’s signature expression and a Speyside single malt Scotch whisky. 

    Master Distiller Alan Winchester mixes traditional oak casks with American first-fill casks for the maturation process to give this scotch a modern twist. Using both of these barrels selectively results in a smooth, creamy sweetness that mingles beautifully with the delicate flavours and complex fruity tones. 

    During the mashing and fermentation, the mineral-rich water from Josie’s Well helps in the formation of flavours. The copper stills’ specific height and width give a delicate yet complex character to this best single malt Scotch. The delicious Scotch is bottled at the standard alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40% with a volume of 70cl.

    The Glenlivet 12 Year Old Single Malt Speyside Scotch Whisky is a deceptively complex malt. In actual fact, it is one of the classiest and most sophisticated malts.

    So simple and easy to love since it is soft and supple on the palate. Each of the aromatics, alcohol, tannin, grain, barrel, and texture blends together in perfect harmony.

    The 12 Year Old Glenlivet is the brand’s entry-level scotch, and it has a pretty bright appearance for a 12 year old. There’s no wine or straw colouring here, just gold with a coppery tinge.

    While it cannot compete with heavier, flavour-forward Scotches like The Macallan and Aberlour, nor can it compete with the delicacy and complexity of pricier Speysiders like The Balvenie, this Scotch is a must-have for beginning whisky drinkers. Many enthusiasts keep it in their cabinets at all times.

    On the nose, the best Scotch has a narrow range of sharp and herbal notes, rather than silky or caramel-like. Grass, hay, and green apple aromas fill the room, and there is a hint of sugar and butter. 

    The flavour has a cereally brightness to it that develops after the first burn, with notes of vanilla, spices, and brown sugar. The dry notes are Bourbon-like, with a syrupy corn sweetness rather than a malty one, but it is a pleasant sweetness.

    The finish is modest in length, but it balances out the earlier flavours and does not detract from the overall experience. Hints of cinnamon are found as an aftertaste.

    Given the indulgence it provides to the tongue, this bottle has received various awards from whisky experts all around the world, and has sealed its place as the best Scotch whisky, including:

    • Gold award – 2020; International Spirits Competition (ISC) 
    • Silver Award – 2016; International Wine & Spirit Competition
    • Silver Outstanding Medal Winner – 2015; International Wine & Spirits Competition.
    • Rated 93 – Excellent Highly Recommended; Ultimate Spirits Challenge
    • 4.5/5 Stars; The Whisky Exchange
    • Gold Award – 2013; San Francisco World Spirit Awards

    The Glenlivet 12 year old Single Malt also won four silver medals and gold between 2005 and 2010 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

    The Glenlivet 12-Year-Old Scotch Whisky is a terrific present for Scotch enthusiasts. It is skillfully prepared and may be drunk neat, in a cocktail, or on the rocks with a splash of water. The Glenlivet is a proud product from the Moray region of, Scotland, where it has benefitted from both ancient and modern traditions of creating exceptional Scotch whisky.

    How to drink The Glenlivet 12 year old? 

    When serving with ice, use large cubes to allow for slow dilution, releasing the creamy, sweet characters.

    This classic Scotch whisky is a fundamental ingredient in famous cocktails such as the Rob Roy, Manhattan, Rusty Nail, and the classic Blood and Sand. It is also an ingredient of other cocktails such as The Glenlivet Whisky Sour, Apple Cinnamon Spritz, Maple Red-Wine Sour, The Hot or Cold Toddy, The Glenlivet Royale, Claymore, Spiced Spey Coffee and Orchard Shelter.

    Great to pair with a warm appetizer such as a smoked duck breast with fruit compote. Because the 12 year old whiskey has a well-balanced fruity taste with robust pineapple notes, it complements the taste of the dish. 

    This whisky is also best paired with seafood dishes such as seared scallops to bring out the main characteristics in both, as recommended by the whisky’s very own distillery. 

    The Glenlivet 12 Year Old is an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and other special events. Grab a bottle now!

    Check out our Glenfiddich alcohol gift sets; they are the best gifts, especially during festive seasons.

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