ZAKU Honotomo Junmai Sake

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The name Zaku means “craft” conveying the hands-on, artisanal nature of this sake.  Locally grown Yamada Nishiki and Ukon Nishiki rice are milled to 60% and fermented in small batches to produce this clean and food friendly sake.  Aroma of orange peel precedes a quick burst of delicate sweetness and notes of orange and grapefruit followed by a crisp, dry finish.

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ZAKU Honotomo Junmai Sake

ZAKU Honotomo Junmai Sake. According to the driving philosophy of Head Brewer Tomohiro Uchiyama, “The value of a sake is a cumulative process, contributed to at every step along the path from brewery to the drinker”. Of the three symbols featured in the branding, Zaku refers to ‘Creation’, and Miyabi to ‘Elegance’ or ‘Grace’, with Satori deriving from the name of the Head Brewer.

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