Alcohol Delivery in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (Klang Valley)

Beer, wine, alcohol and online liquor delivery in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Looking for online liquor delivery in Malaysia? Look no further as we now have wine delivery in Kuala Lumpur. You can also order beer online in Malaysia with and have it delivered to your doorstep! 

As the best online liquor store, you can choose from a wide variety of alcohol for us to deliver to your location in KL & Selangor. 

Express alcohol delivery is available for all of Klang Valley including Klang, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Puchong, KLCC and so on. Don’t need to worry about running out of alcohol because we’ve got you covered! Just order an alcohol delivery and we will get your bottles to you. So convenient, liquor delivery in Kuala Lumpur has never been easier!

EXPRESS DELIVERY (often next day) in the Peninsular (West) Malaysia is available on most of the products if ordered before 5 p.m Monday – Friday except public holiday. Check out details on our delivery time and fee from our Express Delivery.  

Best Seller Whisky

RM 425
363 Sold
-9% OFF
RM 410 RM 375
31 Sold
-14% OFF
RM 338 RM 289
89 Sold
RM 442
48 Sold
-13% OFF

AMRUT Fusion

50% | 70cl
RM 527 RM 457
24 Sold

Best Seller Cognac

-15% OFF
Out of stock
RM 1,415 RM 1,199
1 Sold
-15% OFF
-15% OFF
Out of stock
RM 650 RM 550
2 Sold


40% | 70cl
RM 930
37 Sold


40% | 70cl
RM 365
100 Sold
RM 828
68 Sold


40% | 70cl
RM 1,005
14 Sold
RM 341
83 Sold

Best Seller Gin

Roku Gin

43% | 70cl
RM 227
686 Sold
-21% OFF
RM 399 RM 315
51 Sold
-15% OFF

Hendrick’s Gin

41.4% | 70cl
RM 357 RM 305
83 Sold
RM 252
105 Sold
RM 189
55 Sold
-15% OFF
RM 299 RM 255
10 Sold

Best Seller Wine

RM 200
3 Sold
RM 65
32 Sold
RM 75
91 Sold
-15% OFF
Out of stock
RM 94 RM 80
14 Sold
-15% OFF
Out of stock
RM 94 RM 80
30 Sold
-22% OFF
Out of stock
RM 85 RM 66
42 Sold

If you are unable to decide which type of alcohol should be delivered to your home, let us recommend you the following:

These bottles are rare and specially released, thus will only increase in price. Consider it a good investment and explore or take advantage on some of our free alcohol delivery deals to quickly snag the exclusive offers.


Alcohol delivery in Malaysia is uncommon and we provide this service only because we believe that everyone should have access to alcohol anywhere and anytime. Although alcohol is usually contained in glass bottles, we ensure that packing and packaging are safe and secure so that the bottle arrives in perfect condition. 

Take advantage of our alcohol home delivery service for happiness all around. Remember that having to worry about where your next drink will be poured from is not an option and you should order a bottle now, just in case you run out! 

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