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Martell VSOP Red Barrels

Martell VSOP Red Barrels

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  • 70cl
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    Tasting notes :

    • Color : A warm copper colour with glints of gold, giving it a uniquely luminous appearance.
    • Nose : At first, the bouquet is round and fresh, run through by intense fruity notes. The aromas of fresh yellow stone fruits, like cherry plum and baby Reine-Claude, are gently coated by subtle mellowed woody notes. Once in motion, the power of its aromas grows and gains depth, with fleshier fruits such as apricot or vine peach chiming in.
    • Palate : In the mouth, it has a full, broad attack and unveils the same intense fruity tones – small plums and honeymoon peaches and apricots. The fruity flavours are marvellously enhanced by delicate notes of sweet spices from the wood of the russet barrels – the very same barrels that create that perfect balance between the expressiveness of the eaux-de-vie and refinement of the spiced notes.
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    Crafted by one of the oldest and most esteemed cognac houses, the Martell VSOP aged in Red Barrels is a versatile cognac that can be enjoyed in myriad ways.

    It comes in a warm copper colour accented with delicate hints of gold, boasting a seamless luminous appearance. What sets the Martell VSOP apart is its specified ageing process in Red Barrels that instils unique flavours and aromas to the cognac.

    Indulging on a bottle of this cognac is akin to embarking on a journey through heritage. Considering its quality and prestige, the price becomes a mere detail compared to the rich experience it promises.

    What is Martell VSOP Red Barrels?

    Martell VSOP aged in Red Barrels is a premium cognac meticulously crafted in rare “red fine-grained oak barrels.” These barrels, earning the designation “Red” from their reddish hue acquired during ageing, have matured the eaux-de-vie for a minimum of 2 years and up to 8 years, achieving an optimal stage of maturation for both the wood and spirit.

    This unique ageing process imparts subtle fruity aromas to the cognac, creating an enchanting tasting experience. With each delicate sip, one is transported to a realm of luxury and refinement, showcasing Martell’s distinctive approach to ageing and craftsmanship.

    Alcohol percentage

    With 40% alcohol by volume, this premium cognac presents a smooth yet robust flavor profile, housed in a sleek 70cl bottle that enhances its overall appeal. Its elegant appearance heightens the anticipation of the exquisite experience that awaits within.

    Tasting notes

    A reddish brown hue to the eye, accentuated with glints of gold. On the nose, it gives an impression of freshness owing to its intense aroma of ripe yellow fruits, mirabelle plum, greengage, apricot and vine peach.

    On the palate, the Martell VSOP offers subtle hints of sweet spices originating from the russet barrels’ wood, intensifying its luscious fruity flavours. It teases the senses with hints of oak, spices, and fruits.

    Serving tips: How to drink Martell Red Barrels?

    To savour the complexity of flavours offered by this cognac, it is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. This allows the nuances of its complex profile to unfold gradually, revealing layers of its rich aroma and taste. Its multifaceted flavour extends to it being an excellent base for a classic cocktail such as the Martell Sidecar. Mix Martell Red Barrels, Cointreau, and lemon juice, and enjoy a refreshing citrus drink!

    Food pairing

    To have an optimum dining experience, the ideal accompaniment for this fine cognac is oysters. A perfect serving suggestion on a tray is 1-2 oysters served with a pipette on the side.

    A single drop of the Martell VSOP on a dish has a remarkable ability to elevate culinary excellence by enhancing its flavour profile. It offers a sophisticated blend of aromas and flavours, enhancing an overall dining experience. An avant-garde for culinary enthusiasts.

    Additionally, to further elevate your meal, have a glass of Martell VSOP Red Barrels for a luxurious dining escapade.

    Raise your glass to unmatched elegance!

    As rave reviews attest, the Martell VSOP Red Barrels takes you on a journey of luxury and tradition with every sip. Its thorough ageing process and exceptional flavours make it a perfect companion for every celebration.

    Buy a bottle online today and experience the enchantment now!

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