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Non-alcoholic beverages

Consuming non-alcoholic spirits is an evolving trend as the world embraces a more health-conscious lifestyle. It is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and complex drink without the buzz.

At, we offer an extensive selection of non-alcoholic spirits to ensure everyone can find an excellent alternative to conventional spirits.

What is a non-alcoholic spirit?

A non-alcoholic spirit is a drink that offers similar refined flavours, mouthfeel and taste experiences as traditional spirits, minus the alcohol content. Like traditional spirits, non-alcoholic spirits come in many varieties making it a popular and great alternative for non-drinkers who enjoy the taste of elixirs but want a guilt-free experience without the hangover!

The rise of the non-alcoholic spirit industry

In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the demand for alcohol free beverages, with non-alcoholic spirits emerging as one the favourites in this trend. Consumers are looking for alternatives that provide the sophistication and complexity of traditional spirits without the effects of alcohol, bringing about a transformation in the beverage industry landscape.

The making of non-alcoholic spirits

The production of non-alcoholic spirits involves a meticulous process to capture the essence and flavors reminiscent of traditional alcoholic spirits.

When making alcohol free spirits, producers will first select high-quality ingredients such as botanicals, herbs, and spices to create unique flavor profiles. Then the preferred flavourings are added to a liquid base with low water concentration like juice, alcohol, and glycerine. Some producers might use distillation techniques to extract essential oils and flavors without any alcohol content. The last step involves precise blending, infusion, and fermentation to achieve a balance that mirrors the traditional spirits in terms of taste.

Why are zero-proof spirits expensive?

You might have noticed that zero-proof spirits are pricier than traditional spirits, and this is largely attributed to the use of quality ingredients. The emphasis on quality and craftsmanship in producing alcohol-free beverages contributes to their premium pricing.

Non-alcoholic spirits involve blending a range of flavours and spices from botanicals, woods, herbs and spices, which can be expensive. Additionally, these spirits need refrigeration for storage, adding to the overall cost.

Are non-alcoholic spirits better?

Opting for alcohol free spirits comes with notable health benefits. These alternatives have fewer calories and are free from the dehydrating effects of alcohol. Despite the higher price, the exceptional taste, health benefits, and guilt-free enjoyment make these drinks a worthwhile investment.

Do non-alcoholic spirits taste like alcohol?

Yes! Zero-proof drinks are designed to mimic the taste of conventional spirits as closely as possible. While they don’t contain alcohol, they do capture the complexity of their alcoholic counterparts. However, they won’t have the same burn or intoxicating effect.

What types of non-alcoholic spirits are available?

At, we have a wide range available including non-alcoholic wine, spirits and sparkling tea. Each of these provides an excellent alternative to conventional spirits.

How to choose alcohol-free spirits?

At, we offer a diverse selection of alcohol-free spirits, presenting a fantastic alternative to traditional options. With a wide range to choose from, you can select based on your preferences, like its flavor profile, price, ingredients, reviews and several other factors that align with your preferences.

Tasting notes

The flavor palette of alcohol free spirits is diverse and continually expanding. Popular botanicals like citrus, herbs, and spices contribute to the diverse and complex flavor profiles of non-alcoholic spirits that cater to different preferences. From botanical options with herbal and floral notes to smoky alternatives and refreshing choices with citrus undertones, non-alcoholic spirits provide a rich and satisfying drinking experience.

How do you drink non-alcoholic spirits

For the optimal experience, serve it in chilled wine glasses to enhance its distinct characteristics. Enjoy them along with your favourite dishes, or savour them on its own.

Non-alcoholic spirits are also great for mocktail innovation, enabling mixologists and home enthusiasts to craft sophisticated and creative alcohol-free cocktails. The versatility of non-alcoholic options opens doors to creativity, allowing for the concoction of refreshing beverages that can rival traditional cocktails in complexity and enjoyment.

Food pairings

Pairing non-alcoholic spirits with food is an art that enhances the dining experience. The diverse flavors of these alternatives make them suitable companions for a variety of cuisines. From hearty meals to delicate dishes, non-alcoholic spirits can elevate the flavors on the palate, proving that sophisticated beverage pairings extend beyond traditional alcoholic options.

Explore the art of non-alcoholic exilirs

Non-alcoholic spirits represent a dynamic and growing segment of the beverage industry, offering consumers a sophisticated and satisfying alternative to traditional alcoholic drinks. From the diverse flavors and health benefits they bring, non-alcoholic spirits have moved beyond mere alternatives to become a choice with its own merits.

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