ANCNOC 24 Year Old

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  • Colour: Vintage amber.
  • Aroma: Densely sweet and spicy with a cosy embrace of Christmas cake. Rich yet crisp with notes of vanilla, set toffee and lemon juice.
  • Palate: Spiciness continues with hints of candied orange slices, warm honey and worn leather filling the mouth with a symphony of maturity.
  • Finish: Gentle and long lasting.

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Ancnoc 24 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A modern tradition anCnoc is a rather curious whisky. You see, this fine single malt is created using traditional production methods. It’s just that we use them to make a refreshingly modern whisky However, it is something that reflect in our contemporary bottle design and packaging today. The end result is a lighter-tasting single malt that doesn’t compromise on quality. refreshingly modern anCnoc is a single malt Scotch whisky with a mind of its own.

Although the name pronounced as “a-nock” but it defies convention as it’s Gaelic for the nearby Knock Hill. This is unusual, as most people named their whiskies after the Distillery. At anCnoc, we honour the tradition of malt whisky making. We use a traditional process which has slightly changed over the years. The result is a modern light, citrus tasting single malt whisky that still offers plenty of complexity. a piece of modern history The story of the Knockdhu distillery starts with a man of vision (who also had an eye for a good investment).

In 1892 an enterprising chap named, John Morrison, bought the Knock estate. The surrounding land was full of peat and barley and the Great North Railway line ran nearby. So when John saw springs of pure and found clear water, John saw a golden opportunity. He sent the samples of the water for analysis and soon negotiations were under way with The Distillers Company of Edinburgh to build a distillery.

Knockdhu opened its doors in October 1894. Back then people regarded as the perfect embodiment of a modern distillery. So it’s perhaps no surprise that we still produce a light, intriguing and thoroughly modern whisky to this day.

A distillery like no other, we use traditional production methods to craft a curiously modern Single Malt. Proudly named anCnoc, meaning simply ‘the hill’ in Gaelic. Moreover, every drop of this remarkable Scotch Whisky celebrates its Highland home, rich heritage and the spirit of Modern Tradition. We bottle anCnoc 24 Years Old in its most natural form. It is neither chill-filtered nor coloured. As a result may develop a light haze with the addition of water or if kept at a cold temperature. This haze is a natural characteristic of whisky that is non chill-filtered.

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