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Single Malt Scotch Whisky
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  • 70cl
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    Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • 70cl
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    Tasting Notes:

    • Colour: Copper in appearance with flecks of sparkling bronze.
    • Aroma: The American oak, ex-bourbon barrels and Spanish oak, ex-sherry butts used for maturation impart the signature Balblair aromas of honey and green apples, as well as notes of rich, fruity Christmas cake with a hint of spice, citrus fruits and vanilla.
    • Palate: Full bodied, sweet and spicy in character, with hints of honey, vanilla and leather.
    • Finish: Warm, smooth and long-lasting.
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    Balblair 1999

    BALBLAIR 1999, It’s here, since we rolled out our first barrels in 1790, that we’ve been producing award-winning Highland Single Malt Scotch whisky. At Balblair we only ever release our whisky when it’s ready.

    Moreover, every year our Distillery Manager, John MacDonald, selects whiskies that have reached their exact point of ‘optimum maturation’, the peak of perfection. That’s why we only create Vintages timed to perfection.


    Timing is everything

    In fact, it’s the aspect of timing, rather than time that sets our collection of whiskies apart from the rest. Just ask our Distillery Manager, John MacDonald. A measured, precise process. Furthremo, we say process, but there’s nothing mechanical about Balblair. Not our whisky. Nor our methods. John lets our Vintages follow a natural course, and complements this with traditional distilling methods.


    Natural Process and Human Judgement

    In these few words, John describes perfectly what we believe at Balblair. Moreover, we take a complementary approach between age itself and the character of a whisky. Where the natural process and human judgment come together at precisely the right moment. You see, for the perfect Vintage whisky, timing is everything.

    Exclusively Vintage

    In fact, each Balblair Vintage captures the essence of its year in a bottle. They’re only ever selected at the absolute peak of perfection. Handpicked, to represent the very best our Distillery has to offer. You’ll notice our bottles are not marked with an age statement, but simply with the year that the whisky was laid down. From then, every cask is sampled, judged and selected by John MacDonald to find its optimum maturation point. The point at which each Vintage says it’s ready.

    Our Whisky Distillery

    Every Scotch whisky distillery is different. From its location and water source, to its still shape and wood policy. These are all determining factors in its ultimate outcome – its taste.

    Our Vintages are intriguingly complex and satisfying. We capture the intense esters at the start of the spirit cut to give our Vintages the core characteristics of apricots, oranges, spices, floral notes and green apples. The heavier oils and lipids at the end of the cut are also captured, giving leathery, nutty and full-bodied characteristics.

    Our People

    Every Balblair 1999 Vintage is strongly individual. Each a unique essence of a year, captured in a bottle. Every year, our Distillery Manager, John MacDonald, tastes, judges and selects straight from the cask. And at exactly the right moment, when the balance between the age and the character of the whisky is just right, we bottle it.

    The aspect of timing Every year our Distillery Manager, John MacDonald, selects whiskies that have reached their exact point of ‘optimum maturation’, the peak of perfection.

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