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    • Colour: Clear water-like.
    • Aroma: Citrus, lemon, juniper and floral fruity.
    • Palate: Oily, thick, spicy lemon, floral and juniper.
    • Finish: Tight, long, eat, coriander, juniper and balanced citrus.
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    BOMBAY SAPPHIRE London Dry Gin is one of the most popular premium gins on the market. This London dry gin is vapour-infused with a hand-picked bouquet of ten botanicals such as Almond, Angelica, Cassia, Coriander, Cubeb Pepper, Grains of Paradise, Juniper Berries, Lemon peel, Licorice, and Orris Root. It’s one of those gins that’s gin but not too flavoured, making it excellent for mixing into any gin cocktail.

    Aside from its mixable, aromatic flavour, Bombay Sapphire is also reasonably priced, widely available, and instantly recognisable in its eye-catching blue bottle. As a result, it has become a reliable staple in any bar. The Bombay gin is also excellent for introducing individuals to the spirit category because it is not overbearing but quite appealing to any taste.

    Bombay Sapphire was first introduced in 1986. Inspired by a recipe from 1761, it is a neutral grain spirit that has been triple distilled and infused with botanicals, just like most gins. However, Bombay’s usage of botanicals is unique. Instead of steeping the flavouring ingredients in the alcohol, the distillery employs vapour infusion extraction.

    When production expanded, the distillery added two copper pot stills to its original two Carterhead stills from the 1830s. Copper baskets keep the proprietary botanical blend above the distillate. First, the alcohol will heat up and evaporate. Then the steam infuses the botanicals with flavour before condensing back into a liquid that is reduced to bottling strength. This dilution method is intended to impart a more delicate flavour to the gin.

    Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin’s angular, sapphire blue bottle is reminiscent of the Star of Bombay, a jewel from the Far East on display at the Smithsonian Institute. In addition, the label features Queen Victoria, giving the bottle a royal elegance and reminding us where the Gin originated from.

    Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin has won several awards, such as:

    • Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2019 – 93 points
    • San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2017 – Double Gold Medal
    • International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2016 – Silver Outstanding Medal

    A fresh lemony aroma emerges on the nose, with a hint of musky angelica.

    The most noticeable characteristic of Bombay Sapphire is its mouthfeel. On the palate, it has a sweet-tart flavour and an almost unctuous and slippery, tongue-coating texture that ends with a soft, drying juniper-pepper spiciness.

    For the finish, The signature juniper truly comes through at the end, when the liquid has left your mouth. It hits you with a fresh, softly piney note and a prickly, drying zap of spicy heat.

    How to Drink Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin?

    To enjoy the botanicals in Bombay Sapphire, try it on the rocks or chilled and straight at least once. The water and cold open up the gin’s bouquet, and it’s fun to try all three expressions this way. However, it is best enjoyed in cocktails.

    Bombay Sapphire’s aromatic flavouring results in a very mixable gin in any drink you prefer. It makes a really delicious Gin and Tonic and produces an excellent martini. Both drinks softly enhance the gin, allowing you to savour it without interruption.

    Bombay Sapphire is a favourite among bartenders since it works in classic and modern recipes. It’s quite adaptable and goes well with delicate herbs like lavender as well as a wide range of fruits, from berries to citrus and pineapple to apple. It also goes well with other spirits, such as flavoured vodka and whiskey.

    When you crack open a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, you have access to an entire world of unique gin cocktails. The Bombay Sapphire can be used in almost any recipe, from simple highballs to sweet or dry martinis. For example, Candy Corn, Early Autumn, Massey Cocktail, Pineapple and Sage Gimlet, and Sapphire Alpine.

    Bombay Sapphire is best paired with food such as Chinese Fish Fry with Peanuts, Grilled veggies A la Mediterranean with Cheddar, and Wedding Pudding Dutch Advokaat.

    This drink is perfect for any occasion, especially ‎birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, and during weddings.

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