CHOYA Golden Ume Fruit

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Compared to our popular Choya Umeshu (made with a wine base) this Single-Year blend has a richness, depth & elegance of a flavour. The colour is more golden- amber even, and the umeshu is appropriate as a aperitif before a meal or a desert after a meal. Our various umeshu can always be enjoyed over ice, or mixed with sparkling water or lemonade.

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CHOYA Golden Ume Fruit

CHOYA Golden Ume Fruit. Choya is one of the most popular brands of umeshu globally, and have been making the liqueur since 1959. As part of the Virtual Travel Expo 2020, Choya sent me a bottle of their Single Year Golden Ume Fruit.

Nanko-ume from Kishu, Wakayama is allowed to age for over a year in the bottle, and remains inside (you can eat it or use it as a garnish). This ageing adds a unique golden colour to the umeshu, along with greater richness, depth & elegancy compared to the entry level umeshu.

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