DAISHICHI Horeki Junmai Daiginjo

72cl, 16%

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As a kimoto sake, it has for the first time in history attained the monumental achievement of twice winning the gold medal in the rare junmai class at the Japan Sake Awards (brewing years 2000 and 2002). Best served as an aperitif or as an after dinner drink, it also goes wonderfully with dishes of understated flavor.

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DAISHICHI Horeki Junmai Daiginjo

DAISHICHI Horeki Junmai Daiginjo.

Crowned with the name of the year period of the brewery’s foundation, this sake is the top-grade among their regular products.

This undiluted free run drops junmai daiginjo made with the kimoto method is the true King of Sake, combining sophisticated brilliance with a satisfying, strong taste. This carefully matured sake gives sweet-sour accents and boasts an exquisite, fruity aroma that envelops you in its gentle, creamy perfume.

It has received great praise, thanks to its particularly well-balanced body and unparalleled richness. Only a limited number of bottles of this exclusive sake are produced each year.

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