DAMSO Grape Soju (4 in 1) Set

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DAMSO Grape Soju (4 in 1) Set is Charcoal filtered for more refreshing and clean tastes, and was imported from Gyeongsangbuk-do South Korea.


DAMSO Grape Soju (4 in 1) Set

DAMSO Grape Soju (4 in 1) Set. Soju is known as Korean vodka, it’s a clear, distilled alcoholic beverage made most famously in Korea. Traditionally produced from grains like rice, wheat and barley. Soju has a natural hint of botanicals that can make for a smoother taste as opposed to vodka, which can sometimes come off as harsh at the end. It is also not only lower in calorie than vodka, but it is also lower in proof.

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