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  • Aroma: fruity floral aromas
  • Palate: Notes of apple, orange and pear
  • Finish: soft, clean

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The Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo 1.8L is the younger brother of Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo. Sharing the same ‘last name’, there are similarities when it comes to this top rated sake and also differences. 

Both Dassai 45 and Dassai 23 are both super smooth and refreshing. There is a reason why people consider Asahi Shuzo Company, the producer of the Dassai sake, as one of the best sake brands – drinking the Dassai sake is like sipping liquid jewels. It is that good. 

One of the most popular brands in the world, Asahi Shuzo have made sure that Dassai is a successful pioneer and trendsetter in the alcohol industry. Seeing as sake, in general, has previously not had much success, the rising popularity of Dassai is a testament to how good the sake is. It has sealed its place as the best sake through changing the minds of people around the globe!

A popular brand worldwide, Dassai 45 sake is produced in the Tamaguchi prefecture of Japan. The number behind this bottle of sake represents the seimaibuai, also known as rice polishing ratio. This number is the remaining percentage of each grain of rice after it has been polished. 

For many years, Dassai 50 was actually the most popular of the series. To set themselves apart from the other junmai daiginjo and sakes that are already in the market, Asahi Shuzo decided to bring the polishing ratio down to 45! 

Dassai 45 became the better version of Dassai 50, which is known for its premium quality. With engaging flavours, most Dassai 45 reviews have glowing comments. 

Compared to Dassai 23 and Dassai 39, the Dassai 45 has a stronger aroma. On the nose, it is drier, fuller and higher in acidity than its two famous siblings, putting it on a bolder and more assertive platform. The aroma of cantaloupe, almond, white flower and fruity characters waft through the air the minute you pour a sake glass. 

Containing a full figured flavour, fruity notes fill the palate. You will be able to taste the sweet flavours of ripe peach, grapes and blueberries. Hints of oranges, cloves and toasted malt are also present. 

Goes down the throat smoothly, the Dassai 45 is easy to pair with food. We recommend pairing this bottle of delicious sake with meat, sushi or sashimi as well as fish. A favourite food pairing would be with barbequed chicken glazed in honey chilli sauce. The fruity notes from the sake balances the heat from the chilli, sweetness from honey is balanced by the acidity and the full and bold flavour of the Dassai 45 accompanies the many flavours of barbequed chicken. Try it and let us know how amazing that meal is.

Perfect for a day at the beach, a barbeque or even for dinner parties, the versatility of Dassai 45 has brought smiles to many faces. Coming in two bottle sizes – 720ml and this 1.8L, we say, go big or go home. Just buy this refreshing, premium quality sake from whisky.my with free shipping now and enjoy from the comfort of your home.

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27 August 2022
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Delivery was prompt. Received in excellent condition with affordable price.

  • Finish Smooth and fresh
  • Palate Pineapple
  • Nose Sweet and fruity
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