Flor de Cana Spresso Coffee Liqueur

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  • Colour: Molasses, Nubilous
  • Palate: A soft, round entry leads to a smooth, dryish light-bodied palate with vanilla, coconut, and a dash of bourbon barrel spiciness.
  • Finish: Short [Oak, Espresso, Liquorice]

Flor de Cana Spresso Coffee Liqueur

Flor de Cana Spresso Coffee Liqueur, produced using Flor de Caña’s 7-Year Old fair-trade certified rum, Spresso is a refreshing coffee liqueur delivered in a jet-black bottle. However, it contains no caffeine so if you’re concerned about the side-effects, jitters won’t be one of them! Furthermore, it’s made only with a 100% natural syrup and contains no artificial flavouring. Therefore, it promises to be an exceptional alternative to most sickly-sweet coffee liqueurs that dominate the market.

Spresso is presented in a striking jet-black bottle with a matte finish as well as an embossed silhouette of a sugar cane. The stylish label wraps around three-quarters of the bottle and contrasts gold lettering with a jazzy motif that has a native South American vibe. The lid closes with a screw top, which is secured with a plastic tube that is braced by a metallic clasp. As a result, the seal is water-tight but perhaps not entirely airtight. Therefore, it may slowly evaporate or even perish with time. Nevertheless, it’s stylishly presented for an affordable liqueur!

In terms of value, we’ve seen Spresso retailed for around $30 throughout some parts of the USA. However, it’s not easily available just yet so prices may vary. Needless to say, it cost somewhat less in Nicaragua but not as little as you’d expect.

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