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KILCHOMAN Vintage 2009

KILCHOMAN Vintage 2009

Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • 46%
  • 70cl
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    Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • 70cl
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    Tasting Notes:

    • Color: Medium Amber.
    • Nose: Sweetish smoke with slight Hubba Bubba gum note. But this impression fades, he turns quickly into the hearty, spicy one. Smoked ham, chain fat, hot tar paper. Lemonade, honey. A freshly mown meadow. A rich and thick nose, the smoke not restrained, but not too dominant.
    • Taste: Black Forest ham, lemon slices from the chimney. Ashy smoke. In the beginning already relatively dry. Machine oil, seaweed, salt, bitter chocolate.
    • Finish: Medium long, smoky, lemony. Still the spicy and very appetizing ham note resonates. Lemon slices, peppered with cloves.
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    KILCHOMAN Vintage 2009

    KILCHOMAN Vintage 2009 The first Kilchoman Vintage release (a series of bottlings which specifies the year of distillation) to combine oloroso sherry and bourbon casks. It is from Islay’s fantastic Kilchoman distillery, drawn from a combination of Sherry butts and bourbon barrels (previously the vintage releases from Kilchoman have all been drawn exclusively from bourbon barrels). This brings a touch of chocolatey sweetness to the flavour profile, pairing well with the warming smoke and cooked fruit notes.

    With its 2009 Vintage release, Kilchoman continues to impress with its Islay Scotches. This one is briny and maritime, backed with a fairly assertive peatiness rounded out just a bit with sherry and bourbon barrels. A slightly herbal character lingers with a long, mildly smoky finish. It’s a finely balanced Islay, allowing the character of the style to come through without excessive peat.


    The Kilchoman Distillery (pronounced Kil-ho-man) is a distillery that produces Single Malt Scotch whisky on Islay, an island of the Inner Hebrides. Kilchoman Distillery is in the northwest of the island, close to one of Islay’s most spectacular beaches at Machir Bay. Kilchoman was founded by Anthony Wills and remains an independent, family run distillery. It is the smallest on the island but since obtaining Rockside Farm in 2015, is in the process of expanding.

    All parts of the production process for the 100% Islay have taken place at the distillery from barley to bottle; grown, malted, distilled, matured and bottled, making for a unique character. We are proud to be the only Islay distillery distilling single malt from barley both grown and malted on Islay.

    Bottled at 50% ABV and peated to a lower level to that our other releases, 100% Islay has a lighter, fresher feel to it. Citrus and lemon notes come through with soft peat smoke and a long smooth finish.  First launched in 2010 a new edition of the 100% Islay has been released every year since. In fact, it is established in 2005, Kilchoman is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland. We based on a farm on the rugged west coast of Islay. The Kilchoman was the first distillery on the island for 125 years.

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