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Legends Untold Chapter 2 Special Releases 2022 Collection (Limited Edition)

Legends Untold Chapter 2 Special Releases 2022 Collection (Limited Edition)

Single Malt Whisky
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  • 70cl
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    Single Malt Whisky
  • 70cl
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    Legend Untold Chapter 2 Special Releases 2022 Collection (8 Bottles)

    • Mortlach The Lure Of The Blood Moon – 57.8%
    • Singleton 15 Year Old The Enchantress Of The Ruby Solstice – 54.2%
    • Lagavulin 12 Year Old The Flames Of The Phoenix – 57.3%
    • Talisker 11 Year Old The Lustrous Creature Of The Depths – 55.1%
    • Cardhu 16 Year Old The Hidden Paradise Of Black Rock – 58%
    • Clynelish 12 Year Old The Wildcare Golden Gaze – 58.5%
    • Cameronbridge 26 Year Old The Knight’s Golden Triumph – 56.2%
    • Oban 10 Year Old The Celestial Blaze – 57.1%
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    Unveil a world of exceptional spirits with the Legends Untold Chapter 2 Special Releases 2022 Collection. Eight magnificent expressions of the finest single malt scotch whiskies curated by Master Blender Dr. Craig Wilsion.- from the enigmatic Cameron Bridge 26-year-old to the alluring Cardhu 16, each sip tells a historic tale. 

    Impress family and friends with these limited edition elixirs adorned by mythical illustrations. Begin your exciting whisky voyage today!

    Elusive Expressions: 8 Special Releases for 2022

    The annual Special Release whisky series started almost two decades ago to showcase the Diageo Classic Malt distilleries’ precious and premium limited edition whiskies. Each expression is derived from natural cask strength and generally ranges from 10 to 16 years old, except for a 26 year-old Cameronbridge single grain whisky. 

    The 2022 edition contains distinct flavours and charming personalities curated by Master Blender Dr. Craig Wilson. He handpicks from a vast selection of over 10 million casks spanning 30 esteemed Diageo’s distilleries, including notable names like Cameron Bridge, Mortlach, Cardhu, among others

    The latest collection showcases captivating artwork from illustrator Ken Taylor and digital visualization artist Kevin Tong, who unleash a series of striking and colorful mythological creatures on each bottle. This stunning artwork enhances the collectible value of each bottle, featuring an array of remarkable beasts, such as:

    • Oban 10 Years Old: A trippy rabbit against the Nothern Lights
    • Clynelish 12 Years Old: A luminous Scottish wildcat (the distillery’s mascot)
    • Talisker 11 Years Old: A psychedelic-inspired jellyfish
    • Lagavulin 12 Years Old: A flaming phoenix

    Cameron Bridge 26 Years Old

    Why is the Cameron Bride 26 Years Old considered the rarest in the collection? This single-grain scotch expression (bottled at 5.2%ABV) stands out due to its age and the meticulous maturing process in refill-bourbon casks. Its rarity is accentuated by its limited availability and the creamy, sweet and exquisite toffee flavours it brings to the palate.

    Cardhu 16 Years Old

    In terms of flavor, how does the Cardhu 16 Years Old (58% ABV) distinguish itself? This zingy 16-year-old whisky is aged in refilled and re-charred casks and finished in ex-Jamaican Pot Still Rum casks, creating a vibrant tropical flavour profile. It blends the honey-forward Cardhu Speyside style with soft hints of sweet rum, making it a delightful experience for all.

    Singleton Glend Ord 15 Years Old

    The lively Singleton Glen Ord 15 Years Old bottled at 54% ABV has undergone ageing in American and European oak casks with double maturing for eight years in ex-wine casks, enriching its well-rounded and soft blend of flavours. When considering the tasting notes of the Glen Ord expression, it features sweet fruitcake, dark fruit, spice and malt notes that add layers of complexity to its taste.


    The Mortlach (57.8% ABV) is notable to the Speyside Dufftown distillery and was released in the 2022 Diageo Special releases. 

    Compared to the traditional Mortlach whiskies which are aged in sherry casks, the new expression offers a different tasting experience as it is aged in a combination of Tawny-Port, Red-Muscat, and Virgin-Oak casks. This diverse ageing process imparts a big and spicy flavour profile with a unique gingery and dark red fruit touch, creating an experience like no other.

    Oban 10 Years Old 

    This elegant Oban 10 Years Old (57.1% ABV) undergoes maturation in Ex Sherry and Amontillado Casks, creating a sherry-forward character with hints of dry and fresh sweet fruit to enhance Oban’s signature orange notes. Experienced palates will also taste a touch of smoke and salt.

    Talisker 11 Years Old 

    The captivating Talisker 11 Years Old (55.1% ABV) is aged in American ex-Bourbon oak and wine casks. Being lightly peated, this classic whisky offers a harmonious blend of intriguing malty, and smoky notes with the complex undertones of fruit and spice.

    Clynelish 12 Years Old

    The biscuity Clynelish 12 Years Old (58.5% ABV) is initially aged in ex-bourbon casks and finished in PX and Oloroso casks. This gives it a powerful flavour punch with dark fruity notes and hints of waxiness, making it a favourite among those who prefer their whiskies on the stronger side.  

    Lagavulin 12 Years Old

    The fiery Lagavulin 12 Years Old (57.3%) is called the “Smokiest Reserves” because it is aged in virgin oak casks from Lagavulin’s smokiest reserves where the fragrant peated casks create a spicy and smoky character. The new oak casks also impart a stronger oak note to the whisky which intertwines with the sea salt and acidic undertones.

    Indulge in an impeccable whisky experience with Legends Untold Chapter 2

    Explore extraordinary flavours and unparalleled craftsmanship with the Special Releases 2022 Collection. Don’t miss out on this limited edition offering. Buy your whisky collectible set now at the best price and embark on a legendary journey!

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