Leonce Vermouth Rouge Maury

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Tasting Notes: 

  • Colour: A beautiful purple dress
  • Nose: The nose of ripe fruits typical of Maury, is sublimated by a spicy touch (star anise) and subtle citrus nuances. Then come the vegetal notes (sage / hyssop).
  • Palate: The palate is full and round. The peppery and spicy notes blend harmoniously with the natural tannins of Maury (dried fruits, tobacco, etc.). A persistent finish, underlined by chilli and bitter orange, completes the complexity of this aperitif.

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Leonce Vermouth Rouge Maury

Leonce Vermouth Rouge Maury, At the foot of the Corbières, in the heart of the Agly valley between Tautavel and Maury, is the Mas Janeil. The 34 hectares of the property, conducted in organic farming, produce grapes of exceptional quality on a wide variety of soils. For more than 25 years, between innovation and tradition, François has been making still wines and sweet wines that are natural, precise and without artifice. In nearly a century, Maury has made his natural sweet wine a specialty and a characteristic known to wine lovers all over the world. The grapes, harvested very ripe, are rich in sugars and bursting with aromas. During winemaking, fermentation is stopped by adding alcohol, in order to keep some of its natural sugars in the wine. The fortified wines are then aged in oak barrels for several years.

It is from among his old Maurys that François selects the juices that make the base of Léonce Rouge. Naturally sweet, Le Maury is then enriched with alcoholates. These are natural extracts of citrus fruits (grapefruit, oranges, lemon, …), Mediterranean herbs (hyssop, blessed charcoal, germander, …), spices (juniper, star anise, tonka bean, bird pepper, …) and aromatic plants (verbena, angelica, centaury, elecampane, wormwood, etc.) obtained from macerations or distillations. Its natural sweet wine base gives Léonce Rouge a unique character while remaining in the tradition of French vermouths.

After the launch of their first premium distilled gin, Sorgin, Sabine and François Lurton are back with the Léonce range of vermouths. Each vermouth expresses and sublimates a particular terroir or one of François’s favorite grape varieties The Léonce range of vermouths is a tribute to Léonce Récapet, great-grandfather of François Lurton, hard worker and inventive, true pioneer in the art of distillation. With this family know-how, enriched by the experience of the winegrower, these vermouths conceived as wines, link with elegance and finesse, the world of wine and the world of spirits.

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