DAISHICHI Masakura Junmai Ginjo

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Masakura provides a well-rounded creamy flavor that is  almost silky-rich. It is a comforting, smooth-tasting sake with a mild flavor that is beautifully accomplished. A mild and refined taste, with a nuanced and deep richness. A honey-like sweetness is followed by a refreshingly sour, satisfying aftertaste.

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DAISHICHI Masakura Junmai Ginjo

DAISHICHI Masakura Junmai Ginjo.

This traditional kimoto-brewed junmai ginjo sake has a discreet fragrance that conjures up the essence of early spring. It is perfectly blended to give a well rounded creamy flavor that is almost silky-rich. Masakura is a comforting, fresh-tasting sake with a mild flavor that is beautifully accomplished, evoking the pervading sense of calm found in a forest.

While basically being a ginjo, it has a richness and maturity typical for junmai made with the kimoto method, and there is a wide range of ways to drink it, from cold to warm. Also as regards food pairings, it is an almighty sake that fits to the whole meal

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