FOUR PILLARS Spiced Negroni Gin

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Tasting Notes:

  • Nose : A highly aromatic, rich and spicy gin, with juniper pungent pine, lavender and camphor notes
  • Palate : A hint of ginger and rhubarb with warming and invigorating pepper and ginger spice
  • Finish : Peppermint and black liquorice on the finish

FOUR PILLARS Spiced Negroni Gin

FOUR PILLARS Spiced Negroni Gin. The only gin in the world created specifically to go in a Negroni cocktail. It is a highly aromatic, rich and (yes) spicy gin with great power and intensity. We use the West African spice grains of paradise and Indonesian cubeb to up the ante, and open the plates when distilling to add weight to the gin. Spiced Negroni Gin has been highly awarded all around the world.

The most widely held story is that the Negroni cocktail was invented at Caffe Casoni in Florence, Italy in 1919. Legend tells that Count Camillo Negroni asked his friend, bartender Forsco Scarselli, to strengthen his favourite cocktail (the Americano) by replacing the soda water with gin. Scarselli added an orange garnish, rather than the lemon you’d usually get with an Americano, and the drink took off. Before long, everyone was coming into Caffe Casoni for a ‘Negroni’, and the classic cocktail was born.

This gin was originally the result of a conversation between Cameron Mackenzie (our distiller) and Jason Williams (one of the World’s Top Ten Bartenders) back in 2014. Together they wanted to create a gin specifically for the Negroni, to cut through the bitter and vermouth. We use botanicals like Tasmanian pepperberry leaf, cinnamon, West African spice grains of paradise and Indonesian cubeb to up the ante. Plus there’s some fresh ginger in the botanical basket to help lift the spice, and we opened up the plates to add weight and intensity to the gin.

The exotic spices in our Spiced Negroni Gin give it a punch to stand up to the strong flavours in a Negroni.

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