SINGLETON 12 Year Old Festive Gift Bags

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Available on: 15-November-2021
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FOC Laptop Bag x 1


  • Colour: Warm amber.
  • Aroma: Toasted nut, rich fruit, barley sweetness and walnut.
  • Palate: Sweetness and crunchy nuts, smooth fruity richness, hints of blackcurrant, brown sugar and espresso coffee.
  • Finish: Medium to long, elegantly drying and crisp with a delayed, lingering warmth.

SINGLETON 12 Year Old Festive Gift Bags

SINGLETON 12 Year Old Festive Gift Bags is a smooth, rich and perfectly balanced single malt whisky. Fields of golden barley grow here in rich, dark soil. Water ‘from heaven and earth’ cascades down the White Burn river from two mountain lochs, one fed by springs, the other by rain. The traditional ways that shape The Singleton of Glen Ord have remained unchanged. Every skill and every ingredient used here is still found locally. Local barley is still malted and carefully dried at the distillery. The long fermentation allows the whisky to develop its flavour slowly, simply and naturally, which makes it one of the best scotch whisky.

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