Singleton 15 Year Old The Enchantress Of The Ruby Solstice Miniature 200ml

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  • Colour: Deep, lustrous amber.
  • Nose: Dry overall, the gentle nose gives a vinous first impression, backed by spicy, woody notes of oak shavings and beech. Alluring aromas of tart red berry fruit and creamy vanilla spread among them, and a hint of wax appears in the development.
  • Palate: An ultra-smooth, mouth-filling texture prefaces a lively, intense taste; barley-sugar sweet, with a pinch of salt. That sweetness becomes pleasantly tart, with suggestions of gooseberry and crisp grape. At reduced strength, it is not as tart, but still spicy; the sweetness is highlighted yet the appetising spicy heat remains.
  • Finish: Lengthy and palate-drying, as pepper-heat lingers in a last kiss of silken spice. With water sweeter, now with a trace of fondant in the aftertaste.

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Singleton 15 Year Old The Enchantress Of The Ruby Solstice Miniature 200ml

Singleton 15 Year Old The Enchantress Of The Ruby Solstice Miniature 200ml. Luscious red berries kissed with spell-binding spice. This rare expression mesmerizes with a sumptuous character, refined through eight years in wine casks. The glass gleams with glimpses of deep amber. Aromas of red wine, oak spice and fruits create an equal allure, while barley-sugar sweetness balanced by salt and crisp gooseberry sings with a rich, velvety voice. Ultra-smooth throughout, the palate seduces with a final peppery note, like a bewitching kiss of silken spice.

As the legend goes, a bewitching enchantress once lived deep within the emerald caverns of the River Ord. Powerful and beguiling, she could make the water dance at her command. As each solstice approached, she would fix her diamond-bright gaze on the river, and weave its currents into rich, and indulgent ruby-red wine. As they flowed through The Singleton’s water source, these charmed currents imparted The Singleton with a luscious and alluring character, as spellbinding as the ritual of the ruby solstice.

Chasing the river’s edge beside The Singleton of Glen Ord, the story of singular enchantment carries weight. The only remaining Single Malt distillery on the Black Isle, this whisky’s magic lies in its decadently layered flavours. Masterly slow crafting has long been the key; letting each stage of making from malt to maturation take its time, so that the liquid is balanced, smooth and enticing.

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