Top 10 Whisky Brands Selection [2022]

Top 10 Whisky

Our Top 10 Whisky Brands Selection Of The Month Based On The Best Selling Whiskies.

Other popular whisky brands include; Glenfiddich 12 Years Old, Louis XIII by Remy Martin,
TIMAH Double Peated Blended Whiskey, SUNTORY WHISKY Kakubin, Lagavulin 16 Year Old, AUCHENTOSHAN Three Wood,
BRUICHLADDICH The Classic Laddie Scottish Barley and MAKER’S MARK.


Port Charlotte 10 year old


Port Charlotte 10 Year Old

Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
70cl, 50%

Tasting Notes:

Cold smoke and an earthy peat aroma. The palate is oak-y smoke and salty sea air, paired with sweeter notes of Custard Cream biscuits and white grape.


RM 405

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JACK DANIEL Honey Tennessee Whiskey

JACK DANIEL’s Honey Tennessee Whiskey

75cl, 35%

Testing Notes:

The nose is full of a rich and pleasant bouquet with a strong honey smell of course, accompanied by oak and vanilla woods. On the palate, Jack Daniel’s Honey is creamy and sweet, without exaggeration, with a little smoke and a hint of caramel. The aftertaste is moderately long, sweet and wonderfully sweet.



RM 268RM 229

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Glenmorangie Signet

Glenmorangie Signet

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
70cl, 46%

Tasting Notes:

It has a strong Aruba espresso fused with a treacly plum pudding, rich with sherry, and candied orange peel of aroma. A contrast of rich sweetness with an explosive crackle of sizzling spices and bitter mocha on the palate with a fresh spring-like breeze of mint with a bright citrus lemony-green quality finishing.


RM 1,199

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DEANSTON 18 Year Old

DEANSTON 18 Year Old

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
75cl, 46.3%

Tasting Notes:

It has a wonderful aroma of clover, caramel and toffee on the nose and a palate filled with notes of dark chocolate, taffy, raisins and cherry. A smooth and complex finish with hints of oak, malt and blackberry.


RM 754RM 705

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BALVENIE DoubleWood 17 YO

BALVENIE DoubleWood 17 Year Old

Single Malt Scotch Whisky
70cl, 43%

Tasting Notes:

Elegant and complex oak, vanilla, honeyed sweetness and a hint of green apple aroma. On the palate, it has the sweet with dried fruits, sherbet spice, toasted almonds and cinnamon, layered with a richness of creamy toffee notes and traces of oak and deep vanilla. The finishing is with vanilla oak, honey and spicy sweetness.


RM 978

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BOWMORE 15 Year Old

BOWMORE 15 Year Old New Release

Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
70cl, 43%

Tasting Notes:

Dark and punchy. Sherry notes, juicy Corinth raisins. Spices. Creamy, mochaccino, sweet dates on the aroma. The palate is with rich, woody, pine oil. Syrupy. Lovely, creamy toffee and malt. Smoky. It also has that spicy, toffee, sherry and barley taste.


RM 513RM 438

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GLENFIDDICH 21 Year Old Gran Reserva Rum Cask Finish

GLENFIDDICH 21 Year Old Gran Reserva Rum Cask Finish

Single Malt Scotch Whisky
70cl, 40%

Tasting Notes:

Finished in rum casks for added richness, this is a powerful and flavourful dram. Notes of buttered rum, banana and prune dance from the glass and on your palate along with flavours of fig, vanilla toffee, brown spices, ginger and molasses. The finish is long and spicy replaying the ginger and brown spice notes.


RM 1,293RM 1,105

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Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
70cl, 40%

Tasting Notes:

Marmalade, Crema Catalana, cocoa and malt, vanilla and a sprinkling of winter spice (nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon) alongside a mouth-watering hint of aniseed. A very malty, creamy delivery with a suggestion of berry fruit. Juicy toasted barley, cloves and butterscotch. Manuka honey, hot-buttered-toast and dried apricot develop on the palate. It finishes off with medium length, spicy oak and a hint of peppermint on the tail.


RM 316RM 270

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OBAN 14 Year Old

OBAN 14 Year Old

Single Malt Scotch Whisky
70cl, 43%

Tasting Notes:

Rich sweetness and fruits – oranges, lemons and pears, with sea-salt and peaty smokiness on the aroma. It also has the mouth-filling late autumn fruits on the palate – dried figs and honey-sweet spices; followed by a smoky malty dryness. Finished with long, smooth-sweet finish with oak-wood, dryness and a grain of salt.


RM 384RM 328

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MORTLACH 20 Year Old

MORTLACH 20 Year Old

Single Malt Scotch Whisky
70cl, 43.4%

Tasting Notes:

Dense, elegant & intriguing. Dried fruit, cedar wood, leather, and tobacco aroma. Robust palate with a coating of oiliness. Aromatic citrus. Hints of wood spice opening into a dark, meatiness of barbecue pork crackling. Berries, jam & cocoa nibs add brightness. It finishes with deep and complex, with gingerbread, raisin, and a hint of liquorice.


RM 1,848RM 1,579

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Got Questions About Whiskey? We’ve Got You Covered!

Whiskey is a lifelong passion! Once you taste some, you will always want more.

The term whisky means the water of life. Originally, it came from the Gaelic word “uisge beatha” or “usquebaugh”

Both are correct! It means the same thing. If the whisky is made in Scotland, Canada or Japan, it is usually spelled without the letter e, which is whisky. If referring to whiskey made in the United States or Ireland then it is spelled with an e – whiskey.

There are nine main types of whiskey in the market though additional, not as mainstream types are also available for purchase.

The 9 main types of whisky consist of:

  • Irish whiskey
  • Scotch whiskey
  • Japanese whiskey
  • Canadian whiskey
  • Bourbon whiskey
  • Tennessee whiskey
  • Rye whiskey
  • Blended whiskey
  • Single malt whisky

Irish whiskey is also considered to be the father of all whiskeys. It has a smoother flavour compared to other types of whisky and is made from a mix of malt. It can only be distilled using water and caramel colouring.

Scotch whiskey is made in Scotland. It is also known simply as “Scotch” and is originally made from malted barley. However, nowadays it can be made from malt or grain or a blend of the two.

There are five main categories of Scotch Whiskey which are

  • single malt scotch whiskey
  • single grain scotch whiskey
  • blended grain scotch whiskey
  • blended malt scotch whiskey
  • blended scotch whiskey

Japanese whiskey is created to imitate scotch whiskey. It uses similar distilling methods as scotch whiskey.

Canadian whiskey contains a high percentage of corn, which makes it lighter and smoother than other types of whisky. Usually, Canadian whiskey is made from corn and rye but may sometimes be made out of wheat or barley as well.

Bourbon is made from at least 51% corn. This type of whisky originates from America and there is no minimum aging period.

Although technically classified as bourbon, Tennessee whisky producers are not too keen on that. It uses a filtering step called the Lincoln County Process before aging.

Rye whisky is also made in America and has to be of at least 51% rye. Rye is spicier than bourbon but follows the same distilling process.

Single malt whisky is made from a single batch of scotch at a single distillery. The main ingredient of single malt whisky is barley but in America, a single malt is sometimes made from rye.

Scotch whiskey usually tastes rather smokey. This is caused by its origin. Prior to being grinded and mashed, the barley is dried over a fire, leading to a rather peaty smell.

To mature, scotch whisky must be placed in oak casks or barrels for a minimum of three years. Often it is matured for a longer period of time.The term “finishing” refers to the extension of the maturation process when the spirit is then filled into empty casks. These empty casks would have previously held other wines or spirits for a relatively short period of time at the end of maturation.The cask that is used for finishing must not contain any liquid before it is used. If it does contain any liquid, it has to be drained. If there is any change of the spirit, it will result in its interaction over time with the wood of the cask.

This really depends on where you are in the world when you are consuming it.

If you are in Scotland, where scotch whisky originated, it is enjoyed with a little bit of water. The same goes if you are located in the United Kingdom.

If you are in Spain, the people over there like to mix it with cola.

In Japan, scotch whisky is enjoyed with a lot of ice and water.

In China, it is enjoyed with cold green tea.

All over the world, scotch whisky is enjoyed and it is exciting to see how it is drunk! However, we caution that this spirit should be enjoyed responsibly, as with all drinks!

Whisky does not mature in the bottle. If you keep a 10 year old bottle for another 50 years, it will forever remain a 10 year old bottle of whisky.

You should keep the bottle out of direct sunlight, even if it is opened, so that it does not lose its taste. It is best to store your scotch whisky in a cupboard at home at room temperature.

By law, the minimum alcoholic content is 40% alcohol by volume. Some bottles, such as the BRUICHLADDICH The Classic Laddie Scottish Barley contains 50% alcohol strength or the KILKERRAN 12 Year Old has 46% alcohol strength.

Alcohol strength can go up to 66% of alcohol by volume.

In the United Kingdom and in Europe, the law states that scotch whisky has to be at least three years old.

However, most producers mature the whisky for a longer period of time than the legal minimum.

It is perfectly normal for your scotch whisky to look cloudy when it is stored at low temperatures. However, when it returns to room temperature, the cloudiness will disappear.

If ice is added to scotch whisky that is non-chill filtered, it will go cloudy even when it is in a glass.

Scotch whisky is known globally due to its many factors such as its heritage, quality and craft. There are many varieties of whisky available and some people love collecting bottles.

Old and rare whiskies are also sold at a higher price. Some are even auctioned off so if you want to invest in the scotch whisky industry, these are the ones to go for. However, before purchasing any bottles, you should check the brand, origin and so on to ensure that it is the real thing. In other words, do your research!

A standard measure of scotch whisky is 25ml.

In a standard measure of scotch whisky, it usually contains about 55 calories.

Yes, you can. Scotch whisky is not produced from any animal products. It is therefore suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

A grain that contains gluten is usually an ingredient in scotch whisky. However, all traces of gluten are removed when the liquor is distilled. This makes scotch whisky gluten free.

There are a wide range of selections when it comes to Irish whiskey brands. A few big names include Jameson and Tullamore D.E.W.

Some bottles of Irish whiskey to try include BUSHMILLS Black Bush.

You can make universal favourite cocktails such as Irish coffee where baristas mix whiskey with coffee and other refreshing drinks such as the Irish tea party. Another popular drink to go with Irish whiskey is the Irish slammer.

When you are choosing a scotch whisky, you can look for the term “single malt” on the label of the bottle. Single malt whisky is produced by a single distillery.

Popular single malt whisky brands include Glen Scotia, The Macallan and The Glenlivet.

Most of these brands carry the most expensive whiskeys in the world but they also carry other, more affordable labels.

You can start off with any of these brands of whisky. Tastes will vary depending on person as each person has different preferences. Producers have come up with different blends to suit the palettes of everyone.

The key is to try as many types of whisky as possible to find a blend that suits you.

Got more questions? Ask us about it! Or you can start by purviewing other types of liquor like vodka and gin before coming back to our favourite – whisky!